Bali Children Foundation Plans to Revamp 23 Elementary School Libraries
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Bali Children Foundation Plans to Revamp 23 Elementary School Libraries

Bali Children Foundation’s plan to revamp 23 Elementary School libraries is well underway. To date, they have completed 14 with the help of their extremely generous donors and some very talented volunteers. The balance of 9 libraries will be completed before the end of this year. They have learning trees, fairies, barnyard animals, wild animals, and even beautiful butterflies adorning the walls of the libraries

The children sit on brightly coloured cushions and carpets, and learn from trained teachers, backed with laptop, projector and speaker equipment. The BCF librarians have been busy cataloguing fabulous new storybooks and couldn’t be more proud of the hard work from everyone involved.

These are the first professionally established libraries in Bali’s elementary government schools. They are using these spaces predominantly for remedial literacy and numeracy classes for the grade 1 to 3 children suffering an education crisis after 20 months of no “face to face” learning. The children live in areas where on-line learning is impossible due to parental illiteracy, poverty (lack of devices) and location (remote, with poor internet coverage).

This is a HUGE improvement. The children have the opportunity to spend some time in the libraries with their teachers, and their smiles say it all!

You can catch up on the progress here:

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