Bali Metaverse To Attract More Tourists by Helping Them Discover Experiences Before They Arrive
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Bali Metaverse To Attract More Tourists by Helping Them Discover Experiences Before They Arrive

The Metaverse is not new, but as of April 6, 2022, this new technology now allows the average person to be immersed in high-resolution interactive worlds that travellers in the real world can enter with a simple one-step login to pre-discover what a Bali vacation experience could feel like.

It usually takes travellers a number of hours, even days to research a trip. They have questions that are usually answered by friends and search engines and, of course, hotel booking sites. Unfortunately, all of these are biased and limited in scope, and many opportunities for the “Right” experience for “That Specific Traveller’s psychology” are missed.

  • “Should I go to Thailand or Bali?”
  • “What hotel should I stay at, will it give me the experience I am looking for?”
  • “What is there to EXPERIENCE, and how far or how much time do I need to get there?”
  • “What are the non-tourist places to visit and what makes them exciting?”
  • “Where is the place from the image on Instagram?”
  • “Where are the nice places to eat and how much do they cost?”

The Galileo Travel Futures platform uses the latest technology to solve this problem with its Mainstream Web3 Metaverse and Interactive AI Avatar guides.

The journey starts in the Transportation Portal where Travellers would make 5 visual choices based on preference (this creates their Psychographic profile). They are then greeted by an AI avatar guide who will ask a few questions and direct them to a few location options to begin their exploration. When they arrive at their choice, another AI avatar is there to guide them further with information about hotels/villas, attractions, food, activities and culture highlighted by their profile.

Along the way, gamified special deals and freebies in the form of tokens and NFTs will pop up in “Gift Gateways” to give them options and price reductions on various things they would be interested in including events happening at that specific time (in partnership with Happnow).

Their journey may last only 20 to 30 minutes travelling from Kuta to Nusa Dua, to Ubud, to Taro but time would be equivalent to 4 to 5 hours of online research. Visitors may then wish to book experiences directly in the metaverse with a credit card or tokens inclusive of deals they may have acquired along the journey.

The project is headed by Arthur Carmazzi, bestselling author, Gamification authority, resort owner of Avalon Castle, and creator of the Global Mentor Exchange – “Wisdom City” Metaverse for Learning & Development on the Galileo platform. He is partnering with Joannes Rhino, the founder of Bali News and Travel Treasures Asia, to reach out to the hospitality industry in Bali to be the platform members.

As a Web3 Platform Members (i.e. hotels, villas, activity, and experience providers) are the owners and govern the Metaverse through voting on how to spend income and expand Bali business and tourism. The system is also geared to support smaller local vendors and artisans.

As the platform grows, visitors will also be able to collect tokens or NFTs as a promotion specific to destinations that match their profile like Malls, villages like Celok for jewellery, or even individual vendors like hotels or restaurants. Since these tokens can only be used in those specific locations, it entices the right travellers to visit them.

Yayasan Solemen Indonesia is also supporting this project by introducing this news opportunity to their networks via their charity events.

Mr Sapta Nirwandar, former Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, has already indicated an interest in the project and are waiting for a robust mockup of the Bali Metaverse with local designers.

Big Benefits for Bali 3D Designers

Galileo is rewarding local Balinese artists to create the “NEW VIRTUAL BALI” with a lifetime of reoccurring income from their 3D Bali creations. Local artists who create high-resolution 3D models of Bali attractions like temples, beaches, rice terraces and more, will get paid when a visitor goes to that attraction in the metaverse. Additionally, each creation gives full credit to the artist who has VIP privileges and voting rights in the member-owned metaverse. The more detailed the 3D model, the more revenue potential they have.

But these are not only relevant to structures, Bali is full of interesting people, ceremonies, and culture, and artists who build these for the Virtual Bali will also generate revenue.

Now local artists can work together to show the world the beauty of the Balinese Culture and Attractions to the world before they arrive to experience it in full emotion and emersion.

3D Artists wishing to participate should contact Anggie at:

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