Burgreens & Green Rebel Launches in Bali
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Burgreens & Green Rebel Launches in Bali

The leading plant-based food chain in Indonesia, Burgreens, now owns and operates 16 restaurants in Indonesia and Green Rebel, Indonesia’s #1 food tech start-up developing all-natural plant-based meat & cheese with authentic Asian flavours has now launched in Bali.

Born to democratize a healthy & sustainable lifestyle through food, Burgreens and Green Rebel are now adding a whole new level of excitement to Bali’s dining scene with its first establishment in the Island’s most vibrant the neighbourhood of Canggu.

Burgreens & Green Rebel were founded by Indonesian young couple Max Mandias & Helga Angelina – long time health & sustainability activists. Burgreens’ concept of “Plant-based Paradise” offers a vast selection of dishes boasting bold & fresh Asian cuisines (Indonesian, Korean, and Japanese), Western (Burgers, Steak, Pasta, Salad, Wraps), Vegan Bobas and a variety of gluten-free desserts. Signature dishes include Vegan Rendang Platter, Mighty Mushroom Burger, Beefless Steak, and Vegan Boba. Burgreens also launched a Canggu exclusive menu; Balinese Nasi Campur that consists of local staples such as sate lilit, chick’n matah sambal, long beans plecing, stir-fried corns and beans, and balado tempeh tofu. Apart from being 100% plant- based, the food at Burgreens or Green Rebel products are made from organic and natural ingredients. More than 50% of the ingredients are directly sourced from Indonesian farmers at fair-trade prices. All of the menus are made without MSG & added sugar, and are nutritionally balanced. Their goal is simple, to provide healthier foods without sacrificing the flavours that people love.

Located at Pantai Batu Mejan Street, Canggu, with a panoramic view of lush & picturesque rice paddy fields, the newest branch of Burgreens was designed with a bohemian chic interior. Combining sleek rustic decors, the furnitures at the restaurant include special eco-friendly pieces made of 500 kg of recycled plastics. Guests will be immersed in sophisticated comfort and an alluring tropical atmosphere at this al fresco dining venue, perfect for those who seek a laid-back dining experience. Guests will be immersed in sophisticated comfort and alluring tropical atmosphere at this al fresco dining venue, perfect for those who seek laid back dining experience.

Through the momentum of Burgreens’ latest restaurant opening in Bali, Green Rebel is also introducing plant- based alternatives of beef and chicken with delicious Asian flavours, familiar aroma, and meaty textures. Crafted by chefs, nutritionists and food technologists to achieve optimal nutrition with minimum carbon footprint – Green Rebel aims to accelerate the adoption of plant-based meat in Indonesia, with distinctive Indonesian taste.

All Green Rebel products are made with 100% natural ingredients, rich in protein and fibre, low in saturated fat, and free of cholesterol, preservatives and white sugar. Signature products include Beefless Steak, Beefless Rendang, Taichan Chick’n Satay, and Cheddar Cheeze. Green Rebel products can be purchased directly from Burgreens Canggu as well as resellers in Bali. Moreover, Green Rebel is now available in more than 750+ foodservice outlets and open to collaborating with restaurants that would like to make plant-based meal options available to their customers in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.


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