Seclude Ourselves – Pari Sudha Welcomes You Back to Their Home With Greatest Pleasure and a Jar of Happiness
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Seclude Ourselves – Pari Sudha Welcomes You Back to Their Home With Greatest Pleasure and a Jar of Happiness

The Pari Sudha is excited to see everyone from all around the world once again. As the first boutique homestay in Ubud, it will fascinate travellers with a true experience of staying inside the local community. The Pari Sudha is CHSE certified, which guarantees the highest attention to cleanliness, hygiene safety and all environmental issues.

As a locally owned boutique accommodation, The Pari Sudha invite guests to experience an authentic Balinese Community living in the highest standard of hospitality and service. The accommodation is now offering a “Seclude Ourselves” campaign, where all guests could benefit from a complimentary private transfer from the airport to The Pari Sudha without hassle.

Start your holiday in Bali by staying in one of our eight different beautifully crafted bungalows. The holy retreat room offer guests an exclusive lagoon, where they could dip in while enjoying the breath of nature that surrounds them. Those who would prefer to have a morning meditation on their own balcony could choose Forest Retreat Room instead. Experience a unique bath set up in the Forest Labyrinth room instead, where all your bath needs will be located down from your rooms.

The Pari Sudha is not a typical homestay ever. A newly built wing will open very soon where guests could delight a daily afternoon tea in a joglo lounge, pamper themselves with a spa treatment, unwind in a newly built Olympic sized pool or relish a local delicacy. These facilities are subjected to be operated in the second quarter of 2022. The homestay is also adjacent to Andong Street, where travellers often seek local craft and furniture.

Book your holiday now and be ready for an experience you never tried before. To indulge the offer, make your reservation through the official website at Whether you are a single part of a couple or family traveller, youthful or sophisticated adventurer, economical or extravagant vagabond – The Pari Sudha welcomes you with the greatest pleasure.

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