Bali Artists Yayasan, Titian, to Create a Community-Run Organization on the BlockChain
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Bali Artists Yayasan, Titian, to Create a Community-Run Organization on the BlockChain

The mission of Titian is to “re-frame” the potential of Balinese Visual Arts s within the creative economy… and they are taking this to the next level, with entrance into the digital economy of blockchain. 

With the introduction of a 100 NFT series representation of the best current Bali Art, these NFTs will become the first and most valuable membership of this digital community. 

In Blockchain, a community-run organization is called a DAO, which stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” and it works toward a specific mission. With this strategy, every major decision in the DAO is taken through a vote of artists and art buyers. Therefore, the member has the right to vote on how funds are spent to increase the market value of the current and future NFT tokens to support additional revenue to artists and the industry in Bali. A percentage of the NFT revenue will be distributed immediately to the artists but the majority will go into the DAO fund to support the expansion of the Titian vision and support the entire community of Bali Art into the metaverse. If an NFT is sold, 10% of the sale value will return to the DAO.

Titian has partnered with Galileo Experience NFTs with a vision is to lift up and help bring Bali Artist projects to the forefront by acquiring the best art from Bali and using NFT and the Metaverse to Expand Bali Art and Culture. The team will steer the thought process for the community but ultimately it will come down to the NFT holders to vote and determine how to spend funds in the DAO. This will be a community built on high morals, giving back, and innovation.

Titian will also be working with Galileo to build an Aesthetic Village in the Galileo Experience Metaverse dedicated to Bali art. This will include AI artist avatars that can explain their creations and emotion behind the works, as well as direct buy to artist experiences where collectors can co-create with artists.

TiTian will showcase some of their best paintings at NFT Bali event on 9 – 11 April 2022.

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