3 TOP Design Villas to Stay At in Bali
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3 TOP Design Villas to Stay At in Bali

For many of us, having our own luxurious home is a dream. The desire to acquire luxury housing is growing among most aspiring metropolitan populations, resulting in high net worth. A villa is one of the better possibilities for this type of housing. With extensive space surrounding the residence and opulent amenities such as a swimming pool, garden, gyms, and more, villa designs have become sought after. Modern and edgy design aesthetics with big windows, high ceilings, clean lines, and undeniable sleekness are unquestionably appealing. When it comes to contemporary styling, the options are unlimited, from open floor plans and glass walls to industrial metals and concrete interiors. Add in all of the modern conveniences and the hospitality of the in-villa staff, and you’ve got yourself a great vacation. Here are some of Bali’s top three well-designed villas for your luxurious home getaways.

Villa Ambara

Villa Ambara is an immaculate three-bedroom pool villa in the heart of Berawa-  the perfect choice for your group of friend getaways. Located exactly in the iconic and happening stretch of Berawa, where nature blends seamlessly with funky shops and cool restaurants. Accommodating three bedrooms, each room showcases contemporary open-plan living, with marble or hardwood flooring to great effect, a high ceiling, and plenty of natural light. The opulent living room exemplifies modern luxury at its finest, with a dining area linking to the kitchen at the far end. The open-plan living style allows for plenty of natural light and fresh air at all times. Elegant furniture works nicely with eye-catching accessories. Warmth and comfort are emitted by neutral wall colours. On both levels, there are bookshelves. The beautiful living area is completed with carefully picked art pieces spread on the walls and throughout the space. The modern U-shape kitchen is fully furnished and has plenty of counter and storage space. The large garage at the entryway is an added feature. Completing the luxuriousness, a driver, massage-therapist, or a chef is ready to serve with what you need.

Villa Uma Berawa

Inspired by the relaxed tropical allure of Bali coastline, Uma Berawa blends to perfection modern contemporary architecture with the ease of island luxury living. Uma Berawa has five bedrooms on two levels, accommodating up to 10 adults, suitable for your group getaway. Each apartment features a modern contemporary style with Balinese influences. At every turn, large glass windows provide an abundant combination of natural light and vistas of nature. The stunning garden pool and adjacent grounds are visible from every bedroom on the top level. The two ground-floor bedrooms have access to the yard, which is only a few steps away from the pool.

Uma Berawa’s sumptuous living room seamlessly blends a lounge area with a fully-furnished modern kitchen, all connected by a wide dining table. A lengthy L-shaped corridor connects all of the living spaces on the ground floor. The pool is the focal point of this property’s stunning outdoor area, which radiates the true  tropical atmosphere. One side of the pool wall is heavily covered with various types of tropical flora, combining nicely textured lush plants with tall palm palms to create an appealing island vibe. Choose to spend the day lounging on the lounge chairs or gathering with your favourite book and beverage poolside in the shaded lounge area.

Villa Gracie 

If you are looking for the perfect home for your family or close friends that’s close to the beach, Villa Gracie would be the perfect choice. Accommodating up to 6 adults, this three bedroom tropical property is a five-minute walk from the famous Jimbaran beach and is a great blend of traditional Balinese architecture and modern sensibility. Alang alang, a high thatched roof made from local plants, balanced by beautiful natural interiors and contemporary conveniences. The living room’s unique thatched roof is the focal point of the design architecture, which blends traditional and modern elements. The living room is bathed in natural light thanks to the floor to ceiling glass walls. The lounge room provides a full view of the garden pool area and opens directly into it. Earthy walnut colors contrast with white, teak wood furniture with modern furnishings, and a wonderful variety of artwork and paintings are used in the interior design.Staying at Villa Gracie provides you a true sense of ‘home’ on Bali Island, but what makes it even better than your own home (apart from the fact that it’s on a tropical island, of course) is that it comes with housekeeping services, so you won’t have to worry or even think about the housekeeping.


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