Bali Children Foundation: Children at Songan are Back to School
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Bali Children Foundation: Children at Songan are Back to School

Songan’s Elementary school children are finally back at school and meeting their schoolmates and teachers again. Now it’s time to address learning losses and to enjoy sport and having fun together.

Students are loving their new colourful libraries at SDN 2, SDN 5 and SDN 6 Songan. These bright and well-equipped spaces are perfect for remedial reading, writing and counting lessons for grade 1-3’s, and after seeing the children truly embrace them in January, we’re now excited to see the difference they make to their learning outcomes.

Thank you to Michelle Edwards, Yachties Anon and the 4x4x48 Challenge Bali for funding these incredible library renovations and to “To My Daughter”, Ricky Lee, BCF staff and the children of Songan for the inspired artwork.

STEM classes are funded by DFS Bali and Yachties Anon. A wonderful team effort that will benefit the children for years to come.

For the children in grades 4-6, there is English as a Foreign Language and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) classes. Laptops are a real treat in this age-group and they are loving taking turns to play and learn on them.

Many of the children’s parents received little to no education, and they mostly work as laborers in Songan’s market gardens. Sadly with hotels closed and a drop in demand for specialty foods, many of them have lost all their income.

With so many of the younger children coming from a background of severe hardship, we want to ensure a brighter future for them. Bali Children Foundation is keen to offer more Student Scholarships to support their education now and into the future.

You can help make a difference in the lives of these fantastic children by sponsoring their education. It costs $220 a year to sponsor one student. Contributions cover uniforms, school shoes, school bags, English dictionaries, school books, stationery and life-changing curriculums.

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