Experience Regal and Timeless Tales at The Madawa
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Experience Regal and Timeless Tales at The Madawa

Get ready for a quest through the legendary tale of Mahabarata as you walk into The Madawa. The classic tale revolves around two families, the Pandawas and the Kurawas, where a primary heroic narrative struggles for sovereignty.

Every corner of the venue tells a story and is handcrafted by talented Balinese artisans, to transport you to another era. The interior design, as well as the food and beverage selections, all reference the classic tale.

The Madawa’s intention is to entertain patrons from the moment they arrive, keeping them enthralled by even the slightest details, and placing them in the spotlight. Evolving and transforming throughout the day, The Madawa is a space where patrons’ needs are accommodated.

A unique and sophisticated destination that offers something for everyone, with dining options featuring a variety of delectable appetizers, opulent main courses, and copious platters to share while indulging like a King and Queen. Select to sit between the lush canopy of Madawa’s mezzanine, the inner sanctuary’s tropical garden, the intimate VIP Lounge, the luxurious Wine Cellar, the spectacular Main Hall, the Teppan table or the Intimate Club.

Start the day with a nutritious, hearty breakfast, and at lunchtime study the fine menu of Asian-Indonesian fusion dishes. Distinct flavours and cultures meld to form new and distinct food genres. Japanese teppanyaki delicacies are cooked right in front of your eyes as the sun sets, adding an interactive and entertaining element to the dining experience.

Dine amidst a large variety of fine wines produced from all around the world in our Wine Lounge. At Madawa, delectable dishes and legendary drinks go hand in hand, but one section of the restaurant serves more than just wine. Although it’s not nearly as private as our VIP Lounge, it’s a cosy setting for a more private conversation, a hidden library with intricate wood carvings and sandstone walls. This small, intimate, and highly private space may accommodate up to 10 people.

You can never lose at the Dice Bar. Sip and savour the story of the Pandavas brothers’ fateful gambling match is told through a traditional Balinese painting style called Kamasan and elaborate carvings. For centuries, Bali’s master craftsmen have passed down traditional techniques from generation to generation. The Dice Bar’s theatrical carvings and paintings bring their storytelling abilities to life. Natural, locally sourced materials such as sandstone and teak wood were used to create the decor.

A narrative-driven cocktail list that captures key moments from the brothers’ adventures brings the their story to life. Inquire with knowledgeable mixologists about the legendary moments that inspired each recipe with a touch of ancient cocktail wisdom, despite the presence of colourful, modern touches.

Create your own escape in the Intimate Club, the brilliant subterranean lounge where you can also  sample a variety of tapas. This underground sanctuary doubles as a karaoke den and cigar lounge. After dark, it transforms into a world-class nightclub unrivalled in this part of Bali. The Intimate Club offers something very different and the perfect spot to dance the night away. DJs entertain guests on the dancefloor or in small, leather-clad nooks.

The establishment is a part of Taman Dharmawangsa Suites, a complex that boasts 32 exquisite villas for individuals preferring to unwind and detox in an idyllic setting, perfect for small groups or larger families and friend gatherings.

The Madawa is more than just a venue, it’s an experience. The attention to detail and the high-quality service provided by the staff will make your visit unforgettable. The unique and sophisticated atmosphere, combined with the beautiful surroundings of Bali, will make The Madawa your new favorite destination.


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