Mural Festival 2022 is Coming
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Mural Festival 2022 is Coming

Welcome to the launch of Mural Fest 2022 an arts & cultural festival that funds social impact initiatives, and empowers creative communities utilizing Web3 technology.

Mural Fest is more than just paint on walls. It is a community driven, economic boosting, reality suspending series of events that feature: Large-Scale Public Art Pieces being created live with Markets & Art Bazaars, Art Exhibitions, AR Experiences, Film Festivals, Fashion Shows, Live Music & DJ’s, Culinary Arts, Kids Activities, Artist Panels, Masterclasses & Workshops, Scavenger Hunts, Contests, Guided Tours and Conferences on NFTs, Crypto, Blockchain, the Metaverse, Health & Wellness, Sustainability, Social Impact and so much more.

The Evolution of Philanthropy 
Allow us to introduce you to Social Impact NFTs.
Changing the Paradigm from Giving a Donation to Owning an Asset. 

We develop funding models for high-impact NGOs by minting NFT collections from public art projects, music, fahion & film created during Mural Fest. These NFTs generate wealth that directly support local NGOs and social impact initiatives that serve the planet, wildlife and the people of Bali.

July 9th-16th

10+ Live Artists
Live Bands & DJs
Workshops & Panels
Kids Activities
Good Food & Cold Drinks

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