Increasing Digital Capacity and Export Opportunities for Bali SME Businesses through the Momentum of Harbolnas Single Day
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Increasing Digital Capacity and Export Opportunities for Bali SME Businesses through the Momentum of Harbolnas Single Day

International flights to Bali have been re-opened since October 14, 2021, this gives hope that Bali’s economy will recover. However, it is undeniable that until now, it is still rare for foreign tourists to come to Bali. Apart from the fact that several countries are still experiencing the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, several international airlines are also still closing direct international flight routes to Bali. This certainly poses a challenge for a number of Balinese entrepreneurs, especially Bali SMEs.

Responding to these challenges, the Women For Bali community through the Bali In Your Hands movement, initiated a series of offline events with a hybrid concept starting from October 10 (10.10) until the event which was held on Thursday, November 18, still in the context of Harbolnas Single Day (11.11) entitled Bali In Your Hands Road to Harbolnas: Increasing Digital Capacity and Export Opportunities for Bali MSME Businesses.

“To entrepreneurs in Bali, I would like to emphasize several things, including the following: supporting young entrepreneurship by guiding mature business planning, entrepreneurs who already have business progress can help micro businesses, especially in product marketing, established entrepreneurs should be mentors for entrepreneurs in Bali. micro-enterprises, business production processes utilize local wisdom, are always able to pick up business opportunities and utilize digital platforms for product promotion and marketing,” said I Nengah Tamba, as the Regent of Jembrana in his opening speech which included business resilience tips for SME entrepreneurs.

“Of course, maximizing the use of digital platforms for the promotion and marketing of SME business products is in line with the education and information programs that have been carried out by Bali In Your Hands consistently so far, starting from March 2021,” said Myrna Soeryo as one of the initiators of Bali In. Your Hands.

Rahmi Fajar Harini, another Bali In Your Hands initiator, said, “In addition to increasing digital capacity, Bali In Your Hands is also trying to open up export opportunities for a number of Balinese entrepreneurs who have joined us. Some of them are Singapore, Western Europe and West America markets.”

Through the website and social media platforms, Bali In Your Hands regularly holds various teaching series for entrepreneurs in Bali using online methods.

“With the series of Road to Harbolnas activities, Bali In Your Hands hopes that Bali’s economic recovery can occur soon so that Bali SME business actors can continue to develop their businesses with various kinds of creativity that they have learned during online training,” concluded Nidya Gustianingsih from the Bali In Your Hands committee.

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