Shopping in Ubud
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Shopping in Ubud

Shopping in Ubud promises an exciting journey that will add to your vacation experience. The whole area is dotted with completely different outlets and galleries suitable for a free-roaming spree. Quieter, interconnecting footpaths and roads compared to the island’s southern region, makes for a pleasurable shopping tour.

Ubud is one of the most effective places in Bali to enjoy some retail therapy. From local markets to art bazaars, fashion boutiques to jewellery stores, local to international brands, Ubud boasts various scene to suit all type of visitors and budgets. Check out our picks for the best Shopping in Ubud to assist you in orient into the village’s bustling shopping scene.

Ubud Art Market

Traditional Markets Bali

Art Market is one of the most popular spots in Ubud, favourite by locals and visitors alike. Located at Jalan Raya Ubud, right in the centre of Ubud, this market is open every day from 7 AM to 6 PM, and sometimes some of the stalls are open until late at night. This art market sells wonderful handicrafts, wood carvings, leather accessories, garments from natural fabrics, silver jewellery and lots of other things to bring back home with you. Keep in mind to haggle for the price before making a purchase because all the prices here are depending on your bargaining skills! Morning shopping is recommended to avoid the crowds, but it’s not easy to get the best deal in the morning. Shopping in the afternoon, however, chances are you will get a better deal as the shops are about to close and they need to sell something fast.

Tegallalang Market

Traditional Markets Bali

Tegalalang Market boasts handmade woodcarvings, traditional masks and unique souvenirs. Located in the northern part of Ubud, Tegallalang Market sits in a village bearing a similar name, which often appears in the traveller’s bucket list. It is an excellent place for absorbing some local colour and picking up some handmade things at a good price. All of the goods sold along this Tegallalang street is made by local Balinese people who live in the neighbouring villages. Window shopping from one spot to another is an interesting highlight as you choose which stall is worth stopping on your way back from the attraction site at Tegallalang rice fields.

Sukawati Art Market

Located on Jalan Raya Sukawati, this market is quite famous amongst the locals. Here, you will find so many shops hidden inside alleys, so it’s wise to shop here with a local guide. For those shoppers who are into Balinese art items, this is the right place as paintings, wooden figures, aromatherapy items, traditional and homemade handicrafts are easy to locate. As for the prices, there is no fixed price for everything, and therefore your bargaining skill is essential here.

Ikat Batik

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While wandering along Ubud main streets, you’ll notice lots of traditional outlets selling locally made and unique handmade textiles. If you want to do some best while shopping, make your purchase at Ikat Batik. Ikat Batik is a non-profit organisation getting to promote and support native producers, artists and craftsmen who create gorgeously woven textiles and other handcrafted things.


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Biasa is a local fashion brand selling fashionable light-weight apparel for men and ladies made from natural materials. Biasa’s stylish summer dresses and nautical-themed accessories, sarongs and tunics are ideal for the new tropical Bali climate. If you’ve already been shopping in Seminyak, you might have spotted Biasa’s stylish flagship store on Jalan Raya Seminyak.

Threads of Life

Threads of Life is a non-profit organisation that works to alleviate the financial condition of the local communities and promotes handmade textiles and different things manufactured by local Bali ladies from the rural elements of the island. Visiting Threads of Live is not only highly educational but also really inspirational for those with a creative streak. By purchasing one of their one-of-a-kind handmade things, you will also contribute to the economic development of the region.

Jean-Francois Fichot

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Elegant and charming, Jean-Francois Fichot is jewellery heaven providing unique gold and silver pieces crafted with gems and semi-precious stones. Besides the attractive jewellery items, you can also find a massive choice of artworks, Chinese ceramics and vintage home decor items collected by the owner from everywhere in the world.


Shalimar Gallery offers a large range of exotic home decor and colourful textiles collected from all over the Indonesian archipelago. You will find an excellent choice of vintage masks, wayang puppets, antique art items, wooden plates and other ethnic things that are bound to make a statement in your home.

Bali Yoga Shop

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This shop is dedicated to yoga enthusiasts to find high-quality yoga apparels. Besides the stylish and comfortable yoga garments, you can also pick up superb dresses that celebrate style and femininity, on-trend apparel for men and wonderful tropically-inspired accessories. Not only limited to outfits, but they also sell a huge range of yoga props such as mats in many styles, blocks, straps, blankets, cushions and more, to facilitate every form of yoga. They have 3 locations spread across the heart of Ubud – nestled between the delicious eateries Kebun and Kafe, inside the Yoga Barn and on Jalan Dewi Sita.