The Asa Maia – Uluwatu’s Dreamy Wellness Retreat Destination
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The Asa Maia – Uluwatu’s Dreamy Wellness Retreat Destination

For people planning a wellness or retreat vacation, Bali is the apt choice. With its pristine, sweeping seas and cobalt-blue skies, this island has become a mecca for these types of travellers. From long dreamy walks to picture-perfect locales, Bali has it all. It is breathtaking, exotic, tranquil, entertaining and adventurous all at once — everything you could possibly want for a retreat. From hidden beaches waterfalls and mystical temples, Uluwatu remains a magnet attracting those in search of a silent retreat.

When you are on your holiday, choosing a resort becomes inevitable. After all, your stay in Bali will be governed by the choice of amenities you have around you and, no doubt, the most beautiful rooms you stay in with your partner. The Asa Maia is a wellness retreat in Uluwatu located hidden between blissful beaches and cliff-top day clubs, which makes it one of the popular choices for those who are in search of a spiritual awakening.

Spend the day exploring the resort like a time traveller as you will eyewitness the authentic Indonesian arts and artefacts that store a lot of stories to tell. Take your time to admire the priceless artworks that adorn its walls, including the resort’s custom-built lobby library. These are just a few of the highlights of how you can take a break from your routine and be culturally inspired.

The guest’s suites are built on century-old wood structures, known as Gladaks – traditional, hand-hewn, vernacular Javanese homes. Again, you will transport back in time to the 18th century. As you waltz into the room, you are back again to the modern era where all about luxury and elegance. The suites redefine the belief in island-inspired luxury and have been shaped to anticipate every possible traveller. Providing a soothing environment to chill out after a hectic day of sightseeing in Uluwatu, it imparts itself to relaxation with ingenious areas to sleep, unwind and bathe in style. A comforting décor with tailored furnishing and personal touches gives the suites an air of superiority.

For your wellness journey, their spa treatment opens the gates to the age-old Indonesian beauty rituals. Designed to take the experience of Balinese relaxation to the next level, this spa treatment in Uluwatu unfolds the art of true personal indulgence with a plethora of luxury spa rituals in Bali. The treatment room unveils its own unique vintage-inspired style, colour palette and character. Delicate lighting, calming blends of essential oils and mood-enhancing music take guests on a sensual journey. With a serene and calm setting, the spa treatment is a devoted space for personal indulgence where the old-time Indonesian restorative and beauty traditions are put into practice to recharge the body, mind and spirit.

You will also have an option for blind massage therapy. The experience of a blind massage is often described as calming and relaxing. As massage therapist works on the body, they focus on the breath, helping to bring peace and relaxation. Blind massage therapists are also very intuitive and can sense where tension and discomfort are held in the body. This helps them to tailor the massage to the specific needs of the client. At The Asa Maia, they have qualified and experienced therapists for blind massage therapy. For the management of the resort, this is not only to add value to the guests’ experience but also to give an opportunity to the unfortunate people to grow their skillset professionally.

However, not only limited to massage treatments, The Asa Maia advocates a 360 approach to wellness, which is why they offer one-to-one niche therapies alongside their core group practices. Their resident breathwork practitioner will be available on a call away to help guests to achieve profound self-transformation on both physical and mental planes. At the same time, their signature contrast therapy can bring relief to people enduring chronic pain by heating up the body and cooling it down in swift succession. Other wellness therapies available onsite are Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Qigong and Quantum Flow, and so on – all are designed to help guests build healthier habits for their minds and body.

After a day of intensive exploration around the resort, you can relax at the 25-meter length saltwater pool or take your time with some healthy eateries and refreshing beverages at the restaurant. This delightful facility is the social hub of the resort. While you are there, the fire pit and infrared sauna are just next to you if you want to take a look.

This is a sanctuary of peacefulness in the culturally exciting village of Pecatu. With a distinct sense of belonging, this wellness retreat in Uluwatu caters to all the needs of a guest who wants to forge new paths and build connectivity between the mind and body.

For more info about The Asa Maia,

Br. Dinas Suluban, Jl. Pantai Padang-Padang, Pecatu, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Phone: +62 811.3811.885 | WhatsApp Chat


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