The Pari Sudha Presents a Staying Experience in a Rustic Concept
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The Pari Sudha Presents a Staying Experience in a Rustic Concept

The Pari Sudha is a new alternative accommodation for those wants to provide an experience of staying in the middle of a rural settlement. Flanked by two holy places where Balinese Hindu villagers, often carry out religious activities, The Pari Sudha wants to be a homestay-based inn that not only wants to show local culture directly, but also changes the paradigm of the homestay itself.

Carrying the jargon of Boutique Homestay, The Pari Sudha uses products that are often only used by star hotels or upscale resorts. Amenities provided to guests use products from Sensatia Botanicals, as well as furniture and chinaware that use classy products such as King Koil and Jenggala.

The Pari Sudha was founded in 2019 as a business engaged in accommodation services. Located in Petulu Village Banjar Petulu Ubud Village, The Pari Sudha is close to the cocoon habitat and easily accessible from Jalan Raya Andong which is famous as a place for selling art goods. The name of The Pari Sudha itself comes from the concept of Tri Kaya Parisudha, which means three actions that must be done by humans to achieve moksa (Perfection) in the form of thinking, saying and doing good.

The Pari Sudha wants to be a pioneer of tourist lodges or homestays that offer a boutique concept. All eight (8) guest rooms use room amenities from Sensatia Botanicals and are equipped with high-quality mattresses according to star hotel standards.

The Pari Sudha tries to introduce the village atmosphere to all guests who stay. All guests will pass through a road that is shared with local residents as well as Beji Temple which is considered sacred by the community. This is a unique thing that all tourists want to introduce when they come. Because of its location which also blends with the countryside, all guests can watch the procession of religious events on major holidays up close.

The Pari Sudha also took part in establishing the Chandra Karana Karma Foundation, which is located in Selukat, Keramas Village. This foundation was established as a form of our concern for children with special needs on the island of Bali. In accordance with the concept of Tri Kaya Parisudha, they want to contribute to positive activities that can help many people.

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