Bali Life Foundation: Touch a Life of Children
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Bali Life Foundation: Touch a Life of Children

Underneath the glamorous life of Bali, there is another layer of this island that many of us are not aware of or decide to ignore the fact; the enormous scale of poverty. Extreme poverty forces these unfortunate people to struggle with daily life, even down to the most basic food necessities. It is not easy to find these people because they don’t have access to be seen from the outside world. They remain unseen living in the villages of the remote areas.

Bali Life Foundation is a registered foundation that exists for the sole purpose of providing a future and hope to the underprivileged children within its areas of operation, especially Bali. This foundation is an award-winning entity, having received many prestigious awards for its great work of improving the social and economic lives of the less privileged.

A children’s hope stands tall at the heart of the foundation’s work. The children home has offered hope to these little beautiful lives coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, with all of whom have either been rejected, orphaned or even abandoned, prior to their inclusion in this noble work. Rather than be faced with the significant risks that come with living on the streets, Bali Life Foundation offers food, shelter, and clothing to these children.

The foundation’s missions, vision and goals are the indications of what the foundation believes. Their core values are mainly engineered to offer hope to those who may have ended up with bleak futures. The vision determines their missions, which are to provide basic needs to the less privileged (HOPE), train and give skills for future survival (PURPOSE), and teach good values and morals (DIGNITY).

Within more than a decade of existence, the foundation has been able to achieve its goals by depicting an organization having a clamour for excellence in the empowerment of the disadvantaged in Bali, more specifically the children and women. It is Bali Life Foundation’s intention to see such unprivileged lives given another chance of reaching their dreams, thus raising an independent and responsible generation for a future successful nation realisation. 

Karma Group Gives Unforgettable Experiences to Bali Life Foundation

A key motive for Karma Group is to create unforgettable destination experiences. And sometimes, that means connecting Karma Group members and guests with some of the inspiring organisations and communities they work with around the world, and for this case, with the Bali Life Foundation.

Karma Group is the majority sponsor for this amazing non-profit, which works with underprivileged children and other disadvantaged groups on the island of Bali. Bali Life Foundation works to empower them through educational and vocational programmes, as well as social enterprises and even disaster relief projects. One of their longest-running projects is a children’s home and they’ve also set up a centre for kids who find themselves living on the streets, as well as a centre for vulnerable women.

Karma Group has donated well over US$70,000 to Bali Life Foundation, helping them to finish building their children’s home in 2012 and providing ongoing annual donations to support their work as well as Christmas gifts for the kids. But the relationship isn’t just financial – it’s about connecting directly. Their staff volunteer, the Bali Life Foundation’ kids are regular visitors at Karma Kandara resorts, Karma Beach and Karma Luminaries from the world of sport and beyond give their time to host workshops.

Karma Group offers similar opportunities for you to connect with Bali Life Foundation – and indeed other non-profits that they work with. It’s a unique and fulfilling way to connect with the people of Bali – whether joining in on a beach day with the kids, visiting Bali Life’s wonderful children’s home and women’s centre, contributing time as a volunteer and/or donating for essentials like educational materials.

Bali Life Foundation exists for a worthy course that all humanities ought to consider living for. The foundation has done a commendable job within such a short time. However, due to limited resources, they still need some generous donations to continue the cause they have been doing. And this is where we must take our part. Our donations today will go a long way to expand the humanitarian support and base. Let us support this cause!

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