Bali News Won the Global Business Awards 2023 by Corporate vision Magazine
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Bali News Won the Global Business Awards 2023 by Corporate vision Magazine

Bali News team is thrilled to announce that Bali News is the winner in the Global Business Awards 2023 in category “Most Insightful Travel & Hospitality Website 2023 – Indonesia” by Corporate vision Magazine in corporate with AI Global Media Ltd in UK.

Returning for its seventh year, the Global Business Awards is focusing on recognising outstanding businesses around the globe and commemorating their dedication and achievements in their respected industry. Over the years, they have been committed to recognising the best of the best across the global corporate landscape, celebrating the leading companies from a diverse range of industries.

A lot of sectors have struggled to bounce-back following the challenging years of the pandemic, but thanks to the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of business leaders – as well as the dedication of employees under difficult circumstances – various fields are beginning to experience growth once again. Even amidst the threat of recession and an ongoing cost-of-living crisis, many world economies remain robust, with some even reporting increases in their GDP.

The Global Business Awards 2023 highlights the latest trends and developments influencing the market today, as we look to shine a spotlight on the trailblazers that are maintaining excellence and driving success in modern business. With sustainability becoming increasingly important to consumers, now more than ever companies need to be conscious of their environmental impact and offer green products and services to stay competitive. Over half of UK SMEs invested in operating sustainably in 2022, and even more plan to implement changes this year.

Another key trend shaping global business is the adoption of ESG frameworks. The newly coined term “Ethical Consumerism” has been gaining traction in recent times, due to the expectation from consumers for brands to be considerate of their effect on society and the environment. People now want companies to share their moral values and be proactive in having a positive impact on the community. Shopper spending also reflects this, with research from Moore Global showing that profits rose by almost ten percent over the past three years for businesses with ESG strategies in place.

Advancements in digital technology are also expected to have a significant influence on how businesses operate and connect with customers over the coming years. In today’s world digital tools are essential to the success of most businesses, and solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and data centres are helping increase efficiency, reduce costs, and create a more immersive experience for customers.

Through the Global Business Awards 2023, Corporate Vision magazine rewards the firms who have consistently overcome challenges, entered new markets, improved client satisfaction, and gained a competitive advantage throughout the last twelve months. Their in-house research team and judging panel conduct analysis into multiple industries, applying a merit-based criteria to determine the shortlist for recognition.

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