Bali’s Iconic Drinks
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Bali’s Iconic Drinks

There are lots of local delights to enjoy in Balinese cuisine. Often the accent of these local delights is on Balinese food, which we can understand because iconic Balinese dishes can be mouthwatering. However, after a hot day in the sun on the island, you will not always feel like eating. Sometimes, you will crave some hydration! You are not alone in this, the locals agree. Here, we give you a varied list of local Balinese drinks.

Es Kelapa Kopyor

This refreshing drink is made from mutated Kelapa Kopyor coconuts. In these mutated coconuts, the flesh on the wall has a spongy structure in contrast to the more substantial structure of the regular coconut. This spongy flesh contains a higher percentage of sugars and a lower percentage of fats. Es Kelapa Kopyor is served with this sweet spongy flesh from the mutated coconut, syrup, and ice. The price of an Es Kelapa Kopyor can be high because this coconut is not very frequent.

Rujak Bir

Another coconut-based drink in this list. Rujak Bir is made from a mixture of Klungkung water, sugar, coconut shavings and lime juice. This drink is served with ice and to make it look more appealing, some pink food colouring is added. Rujak Bir is the signature drink of many stands and warungs at the Senggol market in Klunkung. It is hard to describe the taste of this signature drink, but it is very sweet and fresh. This drink is often consumed with spicy food.

Es Bir


This is the simpler version of Rujak Bir. Es Bir is prepared with coconut, ice and lime juice. Do not be confused by the name ‘ice beer’, the drink does not contain alcohol or beer. However, just like an ice-cold beer, Es Bir is the ideal refreshment after a warm and sunny day. An Es Bir is a well-known drink in the north, but it is available in many places around the island.

Es Daluman

This drink is made from the leaves of the Cincau plant. These leaves are made into a green jelly, which is mixed with coconut milk and palm sugar, and finished with ice. This green-coloured drink is popular because it is tasty and refreshing, and has many health benefits. The green jelly in the drink has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. It is used against a sore throat and because of its freshness, it is used against heat control. Es Daluman is available in many local restaurants all over Bali.

Teh Tarik

If you like tea with milk and lots of sugar, this is a drink for you. Teh Tarik is made from black tea, condensed milk, and various spices such as cardamom or cinnamon. This tea can be served hot or cold. It is a sweet, creamy, and refreshing drink. The Tarik is available in many places in Bali and ideal to consume around “high tea” time.


This popular herbal drink comes from ancient Java civilisations and has a wide variety of recipes. It is a health drink that is widely consumed by locals because they believe the drink would treat various diseases. Jammu is prepared from a combination of natural ingredients such as seeds, roots, flowers, fruits, and leaves. The combination of ingredients depends on the intended result of what the herbal drink should yield. Jammu is mainly available at traditional markets.

Loloh Cemcem

Unlike Jammu, this greenish drink is often prepared the same and is easier to consume. Its taste is hard to describe but it contains the flavours: spicy, sour, salty and sweet. Loloh Cemcem is prepared with pureed Cemcem leaves, several other local leaves, cinnamon, coconut water, coconut, and palm sugar and is often served with ice, which gives the drink a refreshing character. According to locals, this health drink should lower the blood pressure and digestion and is good for breastfeeding mothers. Loloh Cemcem is available in the Bangli region and the Kintamani area. The Bangli region is known for this iconic drink.


Arak is a strong alcoholic drink fermented from palm flowers or (we are talking about Bali, what else) rice. It is known as the rum of Indonesia and sometimes contains up to 70% (!) alcohol. In the past, this drink was used for rituals and traditional ceremonies, but today it is widely produced and consumed. Among tourists, it is a popular local alcoholic drink and is widely bought as a souvenir. Arak is also popular among the locals because it is relatively cheap. The preparation of Arak is illegal in Bali. Due to the poor production chain, this sometimes produces methanol in the end product, which can be extremely dangerous. Drinking Arak is therefore not without risk! Men drink it when night falls with friends and family. Also, it is used to warm the body and against nausea, rheumatism, and itching.


When people think of Bali, many will think of Bintang. This is the best-selling beer in Indonesia. If you can enjoy a Heineken, you will almost certainly enjoy a Bintang beer in the Balinese sun. The taste is comparable to an American pale lager. Bintang is closely associated with beautiful days on the bright Balinese beaches. Even though the brewery is located in West Java, this pilsner fits perfectly with the holiday experience in Bali. You can get an ice-cold Bintang at almost every shop in Bali.

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