Byrd House Unveils an Elevated Culinary Experience with a Revamped Menu
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Byrd House Unveils an Elevated Culinary Experience with a Revamped Menu

Perfectly located on the unspoiled sands of Segara Beach, Byrd House emerges as a symbol of elegance and architectural mastery. Conceived by the esteemed architect Yoke Sara, this destination unfolds a modern Eden, intertwining sleek, minimalist interiors with intricate bamboo details, inviting guests into what feels like a contemporary sanctuary.

Far beyond a mere location, Byrd House promises a journey that appeals to all senses. Each aspect is a chapter, and each taste is a narrative. Central to its essence is an unmatched gastronomic adventure, now reaching new heights with a transformative menu.

Under the culinary leadership of Chef Luca Masini, Byrd House is redefining dining elegance with its latest menu innovation. Distinguishing lunch and dinner offerings, the refreshed menus cater not only to traditional palates but also embrace gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian preferences without compromising the sophisticated flair the establishment is known for.

Embarking on a Mediterranean voyage with an Italian embrace, the new menu features high-quality ingredients fashioned into serious, skillful creations, reflecting Chef Masini’s heritage with a modern twist. The dining journey plunges into the depths of flavor with dishes like the exquisite Atlantic Scallop, adorned with salmon caviar, and the Smoked Salmon Tortelli, a masterpiece reimagined from Chef Luca’s days in Sydney, punctuated by delightful bursts of salmon roe.

Not to be missed are the comforting Pesto Trapanese & Tiger Prawn Spaghetti, a personal favorite of the chef, and the authentic Prawn & Clams Casserole, delivered in all its rustic glory direct from the kitchen of Luca’s mother in Livorno. The journey culminates in sweet excellence with the Hazelnut Paris Brest, a French classic with a twist, and the vibrant Mango Cheesecake Parfait.

The main dining area is dedicated solely to the new menu, ensuring an immersive experience. Meanwhile, the beach deck offers a more versatile palate, including both light bites and selections from the full menu. For large parties, advanced booking with a deposit is advised to secure the experience, underscoring the venue’s commitment to quality and personalized service.

Connoisseurs will also appreciate the expanded wine list, featuring an impressive array of international selections carefully chosen to complement Chef Luca’s creations.

With these enhancements, Byrd House reaffirms its commitment to providing a sanctuary not only for relaxation but also for culinary revelation, continuing to craft stories and experiences that resonate far beyond the meal.

“Our endeavor at Byrd House is ceaselessly dynamic and inventive. We are committed to going above and beyond, encouraging creativity all the time, and aiming to amaze our customers with an endless culinary journey,” says Director, Mr. Kharisma Wijaya, encapsulating the spirit behind the establishment’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

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