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A Symphony of Sights and Flavors: Exploring Balinese Cultural Performances and Cuisine

Bali, the Indonesian island known for its picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture, offers a mesmerizing tapestry of traditions and flavors that captivate the hearts and palates of visitors from around the world. Balinese cultural performances and cuisine are two integral facets of this island’s identity, blending together to create a sensory experience like […]

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Celebrate an Unforgettable Holiday Season with the 12 Days of Karma

Themed feasts and international DJ sessions are just the beginning… Karma Group’s flagship Bali resort Karma Kandara is gearing up for a festive season to remember, with a near fortnight of feasting, cultural happenings, beachfront sundowners, wellness rituals, gala gatherings and much more. 12 Days of Karma, our annual end of year extravaganza unfolds between […]

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Dayak Arts and Cultural Exhibition (DANCE) 2022

Bringing the Cultural Heritage from the Rainforests of Kalimantan, by HANDEP at the John Hardy Seminyak Boutique and Gallery May 20th – July 30th 2022. Curated by HANDEP’s team of Dayak curators, designers and artisans, the exhibition is a cultural journey presented by a group of young Dayak who were born and raised in Kalimantan. […]

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Balinese Hindu Culture

In compared to the rest of Indonesia, in Bali, you will experience a completely different culture; the Balinese Hindu culture. When you travel, it is respectful to learn about the culture in question. Here, we briefly explain what this Balinese culture means, what the religion is, and what the manners are. Religion Most of the […]

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Hyatt Bali Charity Canoe Race

Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt Bali and  R.O.L.E Foundation successfully held a charity canoe race on Saturday, 23 April 2022, raising over USD 60,000 to support the empowerment of marginalized women and environmental education. The race was joined by 78 participants from all over Bali, including six associates from both hotels. Starting off on the shoreline […]

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Unique Japanese cum Peranakan Chinese Dining Experience JI Bale Sutra 1706

Entering one of the three unique doorways into the Ji at Bale Sutra restaurant which is located in the empirical enclave of the Hotel Tugu Bali is to participate in a mythical experience for the senses that lingers between the pleasures of this world and those of another. Leading the heart of this journey is […]

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Bali Artists Yayasan, Titian, to Create a Community-Run Organization on the BlockChain

The mission of Titian is to “re-frame” the potential of Balinese Visual Arts s within the creative economy… and they are taking this to the next level, with entrance into the digital economy of blockchain.  With the introduction of a 100 NFT series representation of the best current Bali Art, these NFTs will become the first […]

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Getting to Know the Pawintenan

The pawintenan is a purification ritual performed by Nabe, namely Sulinggih Dwijati or a holy person with the authority to do so. He gained authorization from Nabe Sulinggih based on his strong spiritual ability (jnyana), the period of mediksa, and other considerations.  The word mawinten is made up of two Kawi words: mawa and inten. […]

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Understanding Calon Arang and the Culture of Bali

It’s hard to understand the Calon Arang story’s tradition in Bali. It is closely tied to the local community’s cultural, religious, artistic, and oral traditions. As an oral tradition, the narrative inspired the Bali Arts Festival in 1997, which featured a variety of performing arts based on the story’s morals. The first draft of Calon […]

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The Historical Site of Sangeh Monkey Forest

Those who want to watch monkeys in Bali usually go to Monkey Forest in Ubud. However, not far from there is Sangeh, where you will find monkeys and beautiful temples with fewer tourists. According to the locals, this forest is three centuries old. The Sangeh Forest, that originally passed down from generation to generation, is […]

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