Digital Nomads Brings Bali to Become the First Web 3 Crypto Island 
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Digital Nomads Brings Bali to Become the First Web 3 Crypto Island 

Bali is currently the largest digital nomad hub in the world due to its unique combination of factors that attract remote workers worldwide, which – sometimes – lead to them giving up their life back home just to be in total freedom. This island is the kind of place where you could see yourself living long-term.

Bali provides a unique community for digital nomads that don’t exist in this form anywhere else in the world. It is a magnet for freelancers and those who took the chance to leave traditional society in favour of a life of spontaneity and independence. Remote work can sometimes be lonely. But that’s not the case when you are in Bali as you’re almost guaranteed to find like-minded people everywhere you go.

CLICK HERE to Read more about the trend of digital nomads in Bali!

The lifestyle in Bali is made for the ex-pats, especially in Canggu. Co-working spaces are everywhere, popping up every month. CLICK HERE to see our recommendation for co-working spots in Bali!

Blockchain community

A significant group of these digital nomads are mostly crypto-related. The crypto community in Bali is getting bigger and stronger. As the facilities are also improving, you can easily find crypto-minded people and events in Canggu, Ubud and Uluwatu. Having such facts, Bali is becoming a worldwide hub for web3.

Web 3.0

The next generation of the internet is often categorised as web 3.0 or Web 3. The definition is that it is the third generation of evolutionary web technologies. To explain, the web and the World Wide Web are the starting base for how we use the internet, therefore providing websites and application services.

Web 3.0 integrates blockchain and cryptocurrency to develop a decentralised, which means that it is not governed and authorised by one single entity, but preferably by the users themselves. This is one of the key features of cryptocurrency.

The key features of web 3.0 are. It is open-source software, meaning the web 3.0 network is built alongside an open community of developers and is accessible to everyone. Therefore, it is trustable because it allows users to interact publicly or privately without the involvement of a third party. Lastly, because of the permission less, anyone, including users and developers, can participate without authorising any governance body. Whereas mobile phones, the cloud and social media contributed to the existing web 2.0, web 3.0 is further navigated by three new layers of technological innovations: edge computing, decentralised data network and artificial intelligence (AI).

Web 3 & Blockhain

Over the past 2 years, living in Bali is not just a place just to enjoy holidays anymore. Now nicknamed Silicone Bali – a strong crypto web 3 community – is established in Bali for startups and developing decentralised services and solutions, embracing the physical lifestyle and crypto technologies in Bali. Many projects Web3 in Bali combine crypto wallets, utility tokens, NFK, ticketing, AR, tokens and selected places to hang out.

HappNow and KissMe are examples of what’s being created on the island of the gods. HappNow, a well-established content media company in Bali, is partnering with a crypto Dubai company (KM Universe) to use their utility token KissMe as a way to engage, book, pay and enjoy benefits in some iconic places in Bali. Since the token is easily available on, anyone in SEA can get this festive KissMe utility token.

Laura Abeyta, the founder of HappNow, believes that Bali is a great place to develop this web3 lifestyle combining technologies, and cross-culture. The island is open to innovation creation and experimentation. The web 3 community is very inclusive, which is a great environment to create in. If you are a tech nerd or a Web 3 enthusiast, you will love it!

HappNow now embraces the phygital space with a smart curated app in Web 3, letting you know all the cool things happening now in Bali. You’re at a one-stop easy source! By partnering with the KissMe social token, Happnow will promote exclusive deals and benefits that KissMe holders will be able to enjoy with a simple wallet flash code.

The KissMe social lux style token is a perfect fit. What better way to serve our community and venues? The use of these tokens comes with a concierge service, private events and special perks and discounts only for token holders. The token can be used globally. The more you use it the better the perk – sharing is caring.

The partnership with this Dubai-based company will allow us to have a global reach and more visibility with the HappNow brand and develop a strong web3 tech-saving community on this tropical beautiful island. HappNow will soon release the first lifestyle wallet to make your travel experience easy, fun and seamless.

This coming 16 and 17 December, this Web3 lifestyle will be officially launched during the first Burning Beach Festival in Bali. During this 2-day event, HappNow and KissMe Token will host the Web3 community present in Bali on a special rooftop in Canna Nusa Dua to enjoy the music festival, while at the same time networking and assisting with Web3 presentations. Click here to purchase the ticket:

Find out more about KissMe token:

Find out more about HappNow

Discount code: KissMeNow

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