Discover a Unique Cultural Mix of Palasari Village
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Discover a Unique Cultural Mix of Palasari Village

Located in a secluded part of West Bali, the village of Palasari is inhabited by Christians as well as Muslims and Hindus. The area surrounding the village consists of nature with hills and forests, making it ideal for hikers, nature lovers and travellers seeking peace and retreat. A visit to this region is a wonderful stay with peace and nature in one of the most undiscovered parts of Bali!

Palasari was built by the Balinese who converted to Christianity. The idea to build this village came along because these Balinese people were not appreciated because of their non-Hindu ideas. The village has a unique architecture and cultural mix of architectural, Gothic and Balinese style.

The highlight is the imposing and largest Catholic monastery and church in Bali, which was built around 1956. This unique church is built of white stones with some Balinese accents. There are stone sculptures and there is a massive church tower with stepped roofs. The interior of the church is perhaps even more impressive. The huge wooden beams and small windows provide a unique scenic light. Next to the church, there is the cave of Mary within walking distance. This relatively small cave attracts many villagers to come and pray. The church and the Mary cave are popular pilgrimage sites for Catholics in Indonesia. Five kilometres away, next to Palasari, is the village of Blimbingsari. This village also has a church but this church belongs to the Protestant church community.

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Especially for hikers (because they will need it), the adjacent reservoir offers opportunities for cooling down. The lake is filled with water from a clear blue and cool river coming from the mountains. The surrounding nature consists of a number of large rice fields, tropical rainforest, and mountains. This makes it a peaceful and quiet scene. The lake is the heart of the area because it provides the green lively nature and villagers with the necessary water.

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