Exploring Bali with the Luxury of Kayumanis Private Villas
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Exploring Bali with the Luxury of Kayumanis Private Villas

Travelling to Bali is a great opportunity to explore both the wonderful physical features as well as the wonderful artificial pieces of art, architecture and cuisine. It is difficult to get bored with Bali, indeed. There is always something new to enjoy on this island. As a quote says, “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page”. Well, Bali is a complete book.

Most people who come to Bali want to see and enjoy its arts and cultures, fabulous nature’s views, nice beaches, friendly people, for pure relaxation and some for business. The main tourist hub is formed by Sanur, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Ubud.

Nusa Dua

picnic kayumanis nusa dua
Nusa Dua Beach

Consisting of two islands ‘Nusa’ and ‘Dua’, this area hosts one of the island’s world-class resorts and hotels on its pristine beachfront. Known for its white-sand beaches, this area at the southern coast offers honeymooners pure relaxation. Beachfront settings with a dreamy touch overseeing clean white sand beaches make Nusa Dua an idyllic place for honeymooners. And the best part of staying in Nusa Dua is you don’t have to remain confined to your resort. There are lots of options you can explore on your honeymoon here.

Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa

Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa

Tucked amid the wide expenses of Nusa Dua’s vast botanical plantations and gardens, Kayumanis Nusa Dua is a collection of exclusive adult orientated property. Their Honeymoon Suites redefine the belief in island-inspired luxury and have been shaped to anticipate every possible honeymoon holiday need for the much-excited couples. This expansive category simply imparts itself to relaxation with ingenious areas to sleep, unwind and bathe in style. A comforting decor with tailored furnishing and personal touches gives the suites an air of superiority.

The Honeymoon Suite comes with visual elements of traditional Balinese design in a form of cosy traditional Alang-Alang thatch roofs, as well as full-length glass doors and windows. The villas also accentuate natural lighting and a sense of spaciousness. To treat the honeymooners, the villa features semi-open bathing facilities complete with an outdoor shower recess, a personal pool edged by a sundeck and reclining lounges. A spacious romantic dining setup is also available to add romance for couples.

Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa

Here, privacy is paramount. The staff ask permission once, twice, sometimes three times before entering. When the doors are closed, the space feels a world away, a jungle retreat far from any sign of civilization. But, of course, civilization and comfort are abundant, with 24/7 butler service and afternoon teatimes.
The beauty doesn’t end where the property does. Guests can request a wide range of activities that dig deeper into the Balinese culture, from the beach walking through local villages to traditional cooking lessons. One more thing, this villa has its own private beach. So you can maximize your imagination as couples spending time with total privacy.

This elegant villa, with a distinct sense of belonging, caters to all the needs of a couple who want their honeymoon to roll out not less than a fairy-tale.


Jimbaran Beach

This area has witnessed a melodramatic transformation over the past few years. It is an engaging land of a young and happening crowd, lovely cafes and idealistic restaurants, enthralling coastline, adventurous sports and mind-blowing sunsets – exactly what you would want in a honeymoon. For couples, go embrace the beauty of the astounding waves and feast your eyes on a glorious sunset. The soothing sound of waves and cool breeze create a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere that will melt all your stress away. Go on a romantic stroll where you can capture some beautiful silhouettes during twilight.

Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate

Kayumanis Jimbaran

Strategically located on the fishing village of Jimbaran, just a stone’s throw away from the famous Jimbaran Beach, Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate stands majestically around many small restaurants, bars and traditional markets. Basically, anything you need is only a few steps away from where you stand. The beach, public attractions, shops, fancy and local restaurants, traditional market, and even a 24-hour medical centre – they all are accessible to walk in less than 15 minutes. You will not be afraid to miss any of the holiday spirits.

Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate is a rightful tribute to all things creative. Experiencing a typical Balinese village is what gives this villa its charm. The elegant and charming ambience pampers the eyes with architecture inspired by Bali’s rich culture and focuses on building strong connections with the tourists by providing not just an enriching experience but also the comfort of an Indonesian home. This magnificent yet comfortable villa keeps within the Balinese tradition of warmth and generosity of spirit with the courteous and attentive staff devoted to making your stay memorable.

Kayumanis Jimbaran

Built on the fascinating decor, the designs of the villas are based on the Balinese-modern structure. Each villa features an integrated living and dining environment, a swimming pool and a timber terrace to view the incredible tropical surroundings while storytelling your kids under the stars before bedtime. The master bedroom boasts a king-size canopied bed or, alternatively, Hollywood twin beds, as well as an indulging spa-like open-air bathroom. A fully-equipped gourmet kitchen caters for those who appreciate the art of wining and dining. A separate studio can be set up as an office, additional bedroom, space to read, or practise yoga. Big, bright and airy, this 500 sqm space is guaranteed to give more than enough space for your active kids to run around.

Despite the brush of luxury, there is above all an instant and effortless hominess. It is perfect for families, with spacious common areas that invite guests to come together over meals or movies, and the privacy of two bedrooms, each with its own entrance.

The gourmet kitchen is comfortable to cook in. It is covered but opens on the sides. Inside, the space is simple but elegant—a backsplash of grey tiles, a black countertop complete with sink, coffee tray, and four-burner gas stove. On the left sits a squat silver fridge. Beyond, there is a dining table laid with woven placemats and a round planter.

Kayumanis Jimbaran

To stay here is to live easy and free, the complications of anything beyond the property walls falling away like leaves on an autumn tree. By the time you are supposed to pack up your bags and leave, you feel as though you’re preparing for a trip away from home rather than to it.


sunrise sanur
Sanur Beach

Known as one of the major pioneers of Bali tourism, Sanur still maintains its relaxing atmosphere while seamlessly adding a vibe of modernity. Not too quiet, not too noisy, Sanur today attracts younger generations, like solo, couple, or a small group of friends who wish to spend more quality time. It is also due to the role of Sanur as the embarking point to neighbouring popular destinations Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Penida.

Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa

kayumanis sanur

All around are the sights and sounds of blissful domesticity. The whine of a kite overhead, a chorus of birds, wind ruffling the garden of ferns like a dad’s hand in his son’s shaggy blond hair. There is usually an unarguable line between hotel and home, guest and permanent instalment, but the boundary is blurry here.

Following Balinese principles of design, each family compound has a place for everything, and everything is in its place. The areas for sleeping, eating, and relaxing are distinct but harmonious, easing one into the next with carefully ordered walls, shades, and railings.

You enter to tidy sidewalks and a babbling wall of water that softens the entire atmosphere, making it feel almost spa-like with its dapple of sunlight and the receptionist’s gentle voice. You are checked in, shepherded to your villa, and left alone.

Inside, the space is impressive but inviting. The house’s palette is one of the browns, greys, and greens—all the soft, undulating shades found in the nature that creeps its way politely just around the edge of the house, never crossing a carefully preserved boundary of tidiness and order. There is a wooden deck bathed in sun and a pool that ripples jewel-like in the early afternoon heat. As though in agreement with the villa’s strict call for utmost comfort, the air never gets muggy, even as the clock creeps towards 3.

kayumanis sanur

When flowers or a few dry branches drop into the water, they are promptly swept up or scooped out by the staff. Their attentiveness is quiet but thorough. They ring the room for tea time and turn-down service, and once more to collect breakfast orders.

Between 24-hour service for in-villa dining and the property’s upscale restaurant, Gong, visitors are spoiled for choice, enjoying a menu full of traditional Balinese dishes, signature Asian cuisine, and Western staples.

Overhead, a single three-bladed fan churns the air. The skies here seem always to be blue and nearly cloudless; only a few barely visible wisps of white hover on the horizon, just above the property’s ivy-clad stone walls. On the other side of the wall are glimpses of a local home—a homemade weather vane, a jepun tree in full bloom, a concrete water tower with a wooden ladder resting against its side.

A sandy stairway leads up to the second floor and opens onto another bedroom. It is dark and polished, with two twin beds pushed together and a low, wood cabinet spanning one wall. It opens out onto a balcony.

The living room is open-air, framed by six coconut timber pillars that hold aloft a traditional Alang-Alang roof. Rectangles of white fabric are strung between each pillar, pulled down slightly to keep the area permanently shaded. A floor of slate grey tiles is covered here and there by woven rattan mats.

The furniture is eclectic, the woods wore into different shades and each piece with its own curvature, yet somehow it all fits. There is a round coffee table surrounded by two armchairs and a plush, white-cushioned couch. Sitting around the table, they look like gruff old men in the middle of a meeting. Altogether, the decorations are tasteful and cosy, wood and wicker and bamboo. The chairs creak softly when you sit.

kayumanis sanur

In the morning, breakfast is carefully arranged on a floating wicker tray and pushed out into the middle of the pool, motored gently from side to side by the jets. Eggs, toast, a French press brimming with black coffee, Mason jars full of orange juice and ice, platters of pancakes, small dishes of honey.

During the slow, sunny days, there is a range of guest activities. Shuttle to the nearby beach facility, cycle along the boardwalk or select a tailor-made tour package specially adapted for family fun. There are even entertainment offerings just for the little ones, from kite-making classes to traditional Balinese games.


Ubud rice field

Ubud, in particular, is unique because it is an archaeological zone where the roots of culture are very deep. Whether it be traditional music, traditional dance, ceremonies and painting, they all make Ubud known as the art centre of Bali. Known as a ‘hippie town’ for some people because of its yoga activity and healthy food, however, many travellers come to Ubud to enjoy its natural attractions; waterfalls, tons of greenery spots and endless rice fields.

Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa

kayumanis ubud

Tucked inside a small local community just outside of Ubud, Kayumanis feels like a village of its own. Guests arrive to welcome drinks, chilled towels, complimentary massages, and fruit baskets—no detail is too small when it comes to comfort this indulgent.

There are one, two, and three-bedroom villas, each with a private pool and tropical garden. The architecture does not intrude, but rather inserts itself stoically amid climbing vines and lolling branches. Each structure is seamless, a careful blend of modern and traditional that feels deliberate but dainty, masculine and feminine, East and West.

It is a haven for honeymooners and couples—sheltered, intimate, somehow extravagant and cosy all at once. Every aspect of the design feels deeply considered, and there are plenty of places to linger, from the living room couch to the bedroom window seat to the bathtub with room for two.

kayumanis ubud

The living space is open-air, with a ceiling of exposed wooden beams and carefully wrapped bamboo shoots. At one end is a TV, table, and couch; at the other, a low marble bar complete with sink, two-burner stove, and a tray stacked with coffee grounds, overturned cups, and a French press. There is a small, round table and two chairs, cosy and antique. Throughout the room, the wood is dark and the cushions are blue. Small pots sit on the ground with burning mosquito coils tucked inside. The smoke drifts out through holes in the top, mixing with the mist in the air. It smells sweet and woody.

The bedroom is spacious. A king bed is neatly tucked and framed on all sides by wispy white curtains. To the left sits a plush reading nook bathed in silvery light and electric pops of green from the plants that stoop outside the window.

A sliding door to the right opens out into the bathroom, divided in half by a large wooden vanity. On one side are the sink and toilet. On the other, a white bathtub perched at an angle. The space has no walls but rather artfully arranged slatted barriers that let light in but keep prying eyes out, as well as a tangle of ferns that look like overlapping fireworks, just exploded. On the far edge of the property, an outdoor shower blends into the tall stone walls, looking more like ancient castle ruins than a place to bathe. The spout is hidden discreetly in a half-carved out rock and the surface is covered in a thin layer of moss.

Kayumanis boasts 23 private compounds to choose from, but it would be almost impossible to find and tally each one. Stretching across the lush landscape as it unfurls down to the Ayung River valley, the property affords each visitor their own secluded retreat, surrounded only by greenery and the sound of the birds.

kayumanis ubud

But explore more closely and you’ll find a handful of luxurious gathering spaces. There is the dramatic grandeur of the Dining Corner, where tables look out over the treetops and waiters carry steaming dishes of Thai and contemporary Western cuisine. Upstairs, the Wine Corner offers a more intimate atmosphere, perfect for twilight cocktails as tropical sunsets fade into starry nights.

At the Delight Corner, indulge the senses with shady cabanas, a rustic restaurant, wooden decks for yoga or meditation, and an infinity pool that seems to flow into the greenery below. Then, slip away across a private bridge to the Kayumanis Spa, where nourishing treatments and holistic practices ease the mind, body, and soul.

It is tantalizing, tranquil, almost a bit of magic. It is a place to deepen connections, to share in something incredible and walk away with the perfume of paradise still on your skin.

More info about Kayumanis Private Villas, go to www.kayumanis.com

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