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Bali’s leading luxury villa management company NAKULA adds Tabanan beachfront dining & bakery to their growing portfolio.

‘Be Inspired’ to look at things from a different perspective is NAKULA approach to any new addition to its portfolio. Adding a café, bar and bakery deli to Amarta Beach Resort in Tabanan offers exciting new possibilities for this beachfront hideaway at Pantai Pasut.

The Restaurant

Lilly by The Sea is a beachfront café & bakery with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. A modern indoor-outdoor wantilan style design with a swimming pool, makes the most of sea breezes, where guests can enjoy an al fresco dining experience all year round, at any time of day. Lilly by The Sea embodies traditional Indonesian design and craftsmanship with an elegant mix of warm woods, cooling marble, sand stone and tropical greenery. Open theatre kitchens, barista and cocktail bar contribute to a comfortable homey atmosphere with lounge and table seating.

At Lilly by The Sea, you will embark on a journey that enlivens the senses. Whilst the sound of the sea invites you to be at ease and enjoy casual conversation. This black sand beach location is believed by locals to hold mystical powers that revive the soul. Not to mention the spectacular sunsets, refreshing cocktails, friendly service and quality comfort food.

The new café restaurant and bakery deli is designed to cater for in house guests, groups, passing site seeing traffic, holiday villas and local residents in the area. Facilities include beach front swimming and whirl pool, barista and cocktail bar, an outdoor seating capacity of 48 Pax with an air-conditioned bakery deli shop, private dining and meeting room.

Lily by The Sea is open every day from 7.00 – 21.00hrs

The Food

Homemade daily with fresh local and seasonal ingredients. A creative mix of Balinese family recipes from Tabanan and the archipelago with fresh baked artisan breads, cookies, cakes, pastries and doughnuts as well as modern European café food. The all-day menu at Lily by The Sea is designed to make the most of our beach front fisherman’s catch of the day, local Tabanan rice field duck and small farm market fruits and vegetables to provide delicious home cooked food with something for everyone.

All Day Breakfast

Lily by The Sea bakes bread and pastry everyday as the sunrises. Classic sourdough, black rice sourdough, brioche, baguette as well as croissants, pain au chocolat and our signature cinnamon rolls with almond paste and raisins topped with brown sugar sea salt crumble or fondant drizzle. The artisan bakery weaves through the ‘all day breakfast’ menu, whether you order a continental breakfast basket, a full English, croque monsieur with local Gouda cheese or just enjoy a pastry and a coffee by the sea.

For those looking for a lighter healthy option, homemade granola can be enjoyed with fresh fruits, honey and yoghurt as well as crumbled over a seasonal smoothie bowl. The honey oat grilled banana porridge made with soya milk and fresh grated cinnamon is highly recommend, even if you are not a gluten free vegan!

Nasi and mie goreng with savoury rice porridge will satisfy those seeking a more local start to the day. There are also pancakes and waffles for those who feel like a bit more indulgence.

Local Balinese & Archipelago

A show case of herbs and spices of the archipelago with focus on Tabanan style Balinese recipes, sambals and cooking techniques form the basis of Lily by The Sea’s Indonesian offerings. Authentic flavours that will delight a local and fascinate a visitor.

Ayam betutu with fresh turmeric, galangal and lemongrass grilled in banana leaf. Crispy local rice field duck marinated in cinnamon, coriander seeds, ginger & nutmeg are some of the dishes that will dance upon your tongue. Fish satay on lemongrass skewers and smokey coconut husk bbq whole fish provide freshness from sea to table, thanks to the local fisherman of Pantai Pasut. Tandoori tofu and red lentil tempe appetizer and street style kari Malayu with its creamy chicken coconut curry served with homemade roti canai and pickled pineapple are a modern celebration of Indian influences in the archipelago. Served with steamed Balinese rice grown and harvested on the door step.

Modern European

Inspired by the gourmet café trends of Europe, Lily by The Sea provides international guests with a sense of home from home. The joys of combining fresh Tagliatelle or Pappardelle Pasta with a cashew basil pesto. Aglio e olio topped with grilled seafood from the sea in front of you, is a summer holiday feeling.

Roman style sheet pizza made with thin crispy focaccia like dough, local mozzarella and homemade nduja (a cured soft pork salami) are simple pleasures. Prime beef burgers, artisan bread sandwiches and Bahn Mi served with hand cut fries along with Caesar salad are among the all-time favourites with a modern twist. There is a Kimchi grilled cheese Toastie for the more adventurous!


Fresh home bakes and local sweet delights are not just a beautiful finale to a meal but also available as sweet, refreshing snacks throughout the day. To satisfy a local sweet tooth, pisang goreng (Bali banana fitters) with palm sugar drizzle and optional vanilla ice-cream, rice flour Tabanan style Balinese jajan with coconut imagined in so many ways or Es Campur, the mother of all crushed ice desserts with fresh fruit cocktail, coconut milk, tapioca pearls, grass jelly & so much more…

For pure and simple indulgence, there are warm gooey brownies with ice-cream, mini mousseline crème fruit tarts, baked bread & butter pudding with vanilla custard, baked Basque cheese cake with fruit compote. Ice-cream by the scoop and The Dragon Ball! A dragon fruit, green apple and soursop sorbet served in a frozen dragon fruit bowl. A sensational feast for all the senses!

Cocktail & Barista Bar

Being a hideaway on the beach and a hydration point for thirsty travelers, Lily by The Sea has designed its cocktails and mocktails to be thirst quenchers. Creative, fun and refreshing to bring a sense of joy, style and occasion at any time of day…

Why not try a ‘Hydro Melon’ for breakfast with green melon, apple, ginger and lime, a pineapple, lemon basil soda with lunch and make a sunset toast with a frozen strawberry tangerine margarita or ‘Picante’ with our signature chili infused vodka, lime and orange.

Also recommend pairing drinks with our appetizers which work well as tapas style grazing bites such as our pate and pickles with artisan bread and crackers, perkedel jagung (corn fritters) with house green sambal or 3 flavoured cheese sticks from the bakery.

Lily’s Milkshakes are simply exciting! Mostly down to the way they are prepared and the ingredients they use. Red Velvet Cookies & Cream is a rich frothy blend of vanilla ice cream, fresh milk and our home-made red velvet cookies stuffed with dark and white chocolate. The avocado chocolate is a two-tone green vanilla avocado and chocolate brownie milk shake that brings a new twist to an Indonesian classic.

Lily by The Sea serves ‘Lazumba’, Indonesian coffee roasted the Italian way and offers a standard quality classic menu that would satisfy coffee lovers. They also serve a selection of classic teas and fresh herbal infusions such as ginger, lemongrass and fresh peppermint.

Bakery-Deli Shop

When you are on holiday and you find that little shop in the local area that can be your go to for supplies and basic needs, or that allows you a break from any major cooking, it’s a game changer! Lily’s Bakery- Deli is designed to be exactly one of those little shops for the Tabanan area.

An integrated open bakery kitchen and retail deli producing fresh baked goods, pizza and pasta for the café, takeaways and made to order requests, including occasion cakes and gift hampers.

Fresh baked artisan breads are sold as whole loaves or rolls along with burger buns. Herby beetroot sheet crackers, krupuk rempeyek Tabanan and cheese sticks of various flavours are all made to order. Homemade prime beef and red lentil tempeh vegan burger patties, chicken liver or mushroom pate, nduja ( soft cured pork salami), homemade pickles and seasonal jams are also sold as accompaniments to enjoy with bread, buns and crackers. Fresh Pasta is available to order with a selection of ready-made sauces ranging from cashew basil pesto, cashew beetroot pesto, napolitana and bolognaise.

Sweet Pastries include croissants, pain au chocolat, cinnamon rolls and seasonal fruit tarts. Pork sausage meat or mushroom rolls and signature bebek betutu pastel make up the savoury pastry selection. Pizza is sold by slice from the tray bake! The bakery also sells mini bombolini and ring doughnuts with cinnamon sugar or fondant icing, a variety of big cookies, brownies with chocolate butter icing and baked Basque cheese cake with berry compote.

Items bought from the Bakery-Deli will not be subject to service charge and can be enjoyed in the Amarta villa rooms, at home or at a self-service perch bench in the bakery area along with basic teas and coffee in responsible takeaway packaging.

The Experience

Lilly is the perfect place to enjoy solo, in a couple and mostly with families, communities and friends. To catch up over coffee, brunch or cocktails. To continue into the evening with home cooked flavours as the colours of the sun melt into the ocean.

Once you discover a Lily by the sea, it will always be a moment you’ll remember. It’s all about the experience. Whether it’s laughter on the beach, sunlight in your soda, sea breeze across your smile, fragrance, flavours, textures, words that warm your heart, a feeling of comfort, relaxed, elegant…making it easy to linger longer and enjoy the beauty of this moment where time stood still and the possibilities are endless in a Tabanan hideaway.

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