Mo & Haku – Improving the Lives of Your Furry Friends
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Mo & Haku – Improving the Lives of Your Furry Friends

Dogs have been an integral part of Balinese culture for many years. Many visitors to or residents on the island are dog lovers, or soon become so. This has resulted in a growing number of dog owners in Bali, which is a positive development for the island’s canine population.

However, the main challenges facing dogs in Bali remain unchanged: rabies control and population management, as well as skin problems. Treating skin issues in dogs can be difficult for owners, especially given the variety of breeds. Skin problems, ranging from mild to severe, such as rashes, scabs, or sores, can be uncomfortable for both the dog and those around it.

Typically, dog owners in Bali buy pet care products, such as medicated shampoos, gels, creams, or anti-itch solutions, from pet stores or veterinary clinics. The issue with these products, whether imported or locally produced, is the lack of government standardization or regulation. Some imported products do not clearly disclose their ingredients, while many local producers sell cheaper products with little regard for the environmental impact of their ingredients, which can even harm the dog.

Inspired by these conditions, Kuni, a passionate dog owner from Bali, assembled a team of experts to set up a pet care product factory in Bali. With a background in aerospace procurement and skincare formulation education in the US, Kuni leads Mo & Haku’s R&D of advanced, natural products. The factory was completed in July 2022 and has been producing pet care products ever since.

Mo & Haku currently offers three products: a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, a probiotic deodorizer spray, and a fur serum moisturizer, each available in various scents. These products have been used on a variety of breeds with great results.

Mo & Haku’s main objectives for their products are to use high-quality ingredients and follow a simple manufacturing process. All ingredients are 100% plant-based and biodegradable, sourced from reputable and trustworthy suppliers globally with certifications such as Eco Cert and Cosmos Cert. The production process is straightforward, making it easy for local workers to produce the products, and each step is performed in a separate, clean room.

Mo & Haku is looking forward to future collaboration with local communities and the government to share knowledge and information about animal care and related environmental issues. They hope to encourage the government to implement standardized certifications for pet care products. They are proud to be the first world-class animal cosmetic product manufacturer in Indonesia, based in Bali.

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