Must-Have Apps While Travelling
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Must-Have Apps While Travelling

Life is simpler with apps. Travel, too!

From planning your day trip to ordering your late-night snacks, travelling is easier as ever with the growth of excellent smartphone apps providing services you might need during your stay. In these travel tips, we list some basic applications that you should have on your phone to assist in your holiday time.

Weather Forecast
Although we can still see the sun for days, the weather can be unpredictable some days. The country that you visit may not big but the difference in temperature, and therefore weather among regency can sometimes be significant. AccuWeather is an excellent and detail app to have as it provides detail info of weather forecast to help you plan the trip.

Map & Directions
Onboarding for an organised trip offers some conveniences during the island exploration but it has the limitations, too. On the other hand, free-roaming with rental car or scooter gives more flexibility in time and itinerary planning. If you find more fun doing the latter, Map apps like Google Map or Waze are essential for you. Some travellers do not like the apps because it will delete the unexpected things on the road, but having those apps will save you, in case you get lost literally. It is tiring to ask locals at every corner along the road!

Currency Converter
Considering that most transactions are done in local currency, having at least one currency converter is helpful as a reference before you pick up the wallet. Moreover, knowing the fluctuation of the daily rate is a good source of information to cross-check with any money changer services. XE Currency is one of the best options from the list to have as it provides you with the historical and daily exchange chart for many currencies. A built-in calculator will make things easier without needing to quit the app.

Now become a simple and cheaper alternative to commute, online transportation will pick you up and deliver right in front of the door. These services are really helpful for short-distance travel due to the lower cost it charges than other services. The tricky part here is many online drivers are non-English speaker so communication can be a challenge.

Travel Inspirations
The easiest way to discover places you are interested is by visiting Instagram. With a million people share their travel images daily, it makes possible for you to visit amazing, hidden yet least popular places. Our Instagram account, for example, give you daily inspirations about the beautiful spots around Bali.

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