Let’s See the New Face of Gili Trawangan
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Let’s See the New Face of Gili Trawangan

Life offers stupendous opportunities for everyone to explore and dig out the real meaning of life as well as to comprehend the intricate and obscure workings of nature. As for as I am concerned, the opportunity has been bestowed to me in the form of travelling as it allows me to accumulate the unknown and to complete what is missing.

So, there I was, visiting the Gili Trawangan. About 1.5 hours from Pandang Bai via boat, I arrived at the used-to-be party island. This small island used to be tender to unveil the uniqueness and different colours of joy in the form of music, parties, excursions and other amazements. However, Gili Trawangan then is way different than it is now; quiet with almost no tourists in sight. 

Here, you have an option of either horse with a carriage, or you can rent a bike for transportation. There are no cars or motorcycles. I first doubted going by horse and carriage because I wanted to be sure that the horses were treated well. Well, they are; a horse has to work 3 hours a day. 

The accommodation I stayed at is called Coco Cabana, and was beyond expectations. It was quite a big resort with a pool and bar in the middle. To greet the sunset, I went to a restaurant by the beach. The restaurant didn’t render enormous options but its fresh juices were one of the best one could find on the island. 

As I sat on beanbags watching the sunset, again, I noticed how quiet Gili Trawangan was. I read stories about how Gili Trawangan is the place to exert all extra energies. But, I guess, that such energy has long gone. Based on the restaurant’s owner’s testimony, before the COVID, this island could accommodate around 20 to 30 thousand people. Now, since 2020, there were only 20 to 30 people a day visiting here. Shocking? Well, I guess it happened all over the world. 

The next morning, I went out snorkelling. On the boat, I could see fish from a glass floor next to my feet. I started the snorkel with turtles, which was a very epic experience. I was surprised by how big the turtles were. Next, the boat took me to a spot where nice coral and beautiful fishes gathered around. After that, I stopped at a huge underwater statue for another epic experience. I travelled back to Bali the day after.

Despite the fact that now Gili Trawangan has changed, I would personally recommend people to make a quick visit for a new experience outside Bali. There may not be parties with all the crowds. But Gili Trawangan now is more of the place that alleviates that commotion and ruffle of daily life by providing calm and sedating surroundings. Here the environment is tranquil and nature can be felt more lucidly. 

As smaller in size and has lower tourists density, the place offers me a unique opportunity to completely revive my inner soul with a sense of ultimate content. The beautiful beaches invite people to have a walk over them. While walking on these charming beaches, it seems that nature is uttering its melody through the composition of winds with waves striking the shores. 

The sun setting scene at the white beach of Gili Trawangan hazed my brain confusing the scenery with that of the heavens. The aroma of the atmosphere in the evening seemed to utter some untold romantic story. 

This is Gili Trawangan now!

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