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Shop Before You Go to the Countryside

Travelling to the countryside is exciting and promises new adventures. The long nature walks combine with the beautiful sceneries, the great weather and the amazing adrenaline rush, whatever you get is unmatched. When you go to a far-flung corner of the island, there is some must-to-bring equipment need to be packed in your adventure bag.

The very first thing to do is to choose the right backpack based on what sort of activities that you have planned ahead. Identify what extras you may need to be included in your backpack. Only consider backpacks that can include your must-haves. If you are only doing a one-day trip to villages, any kind of backpack will do just fine. Make sure it is ergonomically designed; lightweight, sturdy and with pockets. This kind of backpacks is available in every adventure store on this island.

However, if you are venturing out for hiking or plan to trek the volcanoes, get one that comfortably holds gear for your longest trip. Most of the hikers carry lots of water, extra food, sunscreen, warm clothes, a first aid kit, and more. For that reason, get a backpack with shoulder, chest and waist belts to lend enough support to your back. If possible, get the one with anti-gravity suspension system to lift the pack off your back to distribute weight and minimise your swampy back. Additional features, such as top and bottom compression straps, can stabilise your load or be used to store excess gear. Make sure to keep the baggage light because you may need to carry other gears. Keep in mind that it is easier to compress a backpack to fit a too-small load than strap extra gear onto a too-small backpack. You can find some selections of top-notch backpacks at Eiger Adventure stores.


Packing a sleeping bag is important for those looking to blend with nature. If it is only a night’s outing, you can chat it away around a bonfire. However, do not compromise on your bedtime if you are out on a multi-day trek. For pillow lovers, look for a sleeping bag with pockets to hold pillows. Dedicated to light sleepers, eye mask and earplugs can be a good investment. If you are getting away to the northern hills of the island, any sleeping bag of 10-degree Celsius will keep you warm and snug. Optionally, you can enjoy your bedtime in a Sleeping Bag with Body Contour. This sleeping body bag is shaped to fit your body contour and a perfect use for outdoor that will not add weight to your other equipment. It is also durable, not easily torn off and protect you from the rain. You can get this type of sleeping bag at Ace Hardware stores or order via their online shop at


To be your guiding light during your journey to the countryside, Google Maps have proven beneficial to travellers. The only downside is they can serve a little during hiking due to the poor network. Therefore, carry a print out of basic map and compass are crucial in this case. Learn how to read maps, identify direction pointers and use it in sync with a compass. When you are out in the deep forests or up in the hills, it is good to give up modern day conveniences behind and go old-school. Eiger Adventure’s Compass Gold Metal can be the right choice for your rural travelling.

Put aside the thrilling factor, trekking or hiking are basically an adventure into the unknown, and they can throw up unfortunate situations from time to time. You can trip over rocks and hurt knees, get dehydrated, catch a fever and so on. Since you plan to saunter through the wild, a little bit of preparedness doesn’t hurt much to your shoulders. Make a basic kit of bandages, alcohol wipes, a small roll of medical tape, antibiotic ointment, anti-inflammatories and mosquito repellents. It doesn’t have to be many; one kit should do.

After several kilometres of walking, knee problems can occur where you have never had problems before. This is when walking sticks are needed to give you an extra point of stability. Walking sticks take much of the strain off of your lower body and joints. This allows your upper body to take some of the efforts. Your knees, hips and ankles will thank you for it! Walking sticks are not really useful for city walks. However, they are recommended for hiking. Imagine yourself hike a few kilometres carrying a heavy backpack on an uphill trail without any flat ground to give your muscles and joints a break. After a couple of hours, you will start to walk stiffly and carefully to avoid falling. And every time you take a cautious step up or down, you are putting a tremendous pressure on your knees. You can avoid this problem by being prepared mentally and physically. Eiger Adventure’s Trekking Poles help in both categories.

For those adventurers planning to go deep into the forest, they should consider a good pair of binoculars to see the real beauty of nature. Not only oriented toward bird watching, most of the professional travellers will consider binoculars as the most important equipment to have during their journey. No matter what you plan to gaze at, a binocular helps to make distant objects closer and clearer. When choosing a binocular, you should opt for the best compact one that you can put in your pocket. In addition to that, go for a universal binocular that anyone can use it, including kids. Not many adventure stores in Bali provide binoculars, but you go to Ace Hardware Central Park Kuta for a limited selection. In case they are out of stock, you can purchase online through

To help you capture your outdoor action-packed adventures, GoPro is the perfect travel buddy. Whether you are into an action, adventure, leisure or travel photography, this equipment comes without weighing you down in gear. Unlike using a DSLR or digital camera, a GoPro is limited from 1 to 3 buttons depending on the model. However, like any new device, this one takes a little getting used to. Learn how to navigate as quickly as possible, so you don’t miss out on capturing that spur of the moment photo. Digital 3 is one of many digital stores in Bali offering the best GoPro. As an authorised dealer for GoPro, they have a good selection of GoPros suitable for any activities.

Last but not least, putting a little more thought into what your feet have to wear will always pay off at the end of the day. This is the essential equipment that you don’t want to skip while packing. It is crucial for you to choose the right pair of travel shoes beforehand. If you are doing village walks, casual sneakers are the best selection. Many streets in the countryside are designed for pedestrian exploration, and you will find it easy to cover hours of walking on this footwear. If you plan to spend some time on the beach, sandals will provide comfort and allow your feet a breathing space. You can find casual sneakers and sandals everywhere on the island.

However, if you plan on doing a volcano trekking or any track through rocky terrains, it is best to find a pair of high ankle shoes at the Eiger Adventure stores. Look for the best footwear that fits you. Anything lightweight, durable, comfortable, waterproof and come with breathable mesh outers should be okay to beat the trails. A firm grip around ankles footwear with a rubber sole inside will maximise your comfort as it reduces the chances of twisting and spraining your legs.


There you have it! Some crucial equipment before you go to a rural travelling. Whether you want to add some extras to your pack or remove any unnecessary gears, make sure you stuff only the essentials and be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you.

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