Shopping Rattan Roundie Bag in Bali
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Shopping Rattan Roundie Bag in Bali

Ladies, we bet you already know about this cute souvenir, Bali’s rattan roundie bag. At least, you saw it one time on the social media feeds or fashion blogger’s post. It has unique design and patterns, handy in size, adorable in look, making it a super cute fashion complement for almost any occasion.

No wonder that it remains to be a must-have item as well as a memorable gift present for your pal till today. And because of that, the bag is now everywhere, even it may be available in your home country. However, the best is to find it at the origin place, Bali, for the cheaper price and the variety of options. So, if you are heading to Bali very soon, read on first.

Bali’s rattan roundie is made from Ata or Ate grass through several steps of processes. The local artisans hand-weave the materials into a circular shape, then it is usually smoked slowly to produce a nice colour look and strength of the bag. As a result, you will smell a smoked aroma when putting the new bag closely on your nose.

A roundie bag is a handcrafted souvenir so the price may vary, depending on its quality, size, and the complexity of patterns. As a guideline, the price of a standard circular pattern small bag starts from IDR 150,000.

You can find this souvenir almost everywhere along the way, but the best place is to go to an art market. First, you will find hundreds of varieties and styles to choose from. The artisans get creative, now it is more than roundie. Second, it tests your skill to bargain. Tips: As long as you are polite and friendly, even able to make the seller laughing, you are closer to get the best deal. Or, come in the morning. If you are the first customer, the bargaining goes easier.

Now, as you are ready for hunting, here are some places to go:

Ubud Traditional Art Market


Located in the central of Ubud area, next to the Ubud Palace, Ubud Traditional Art Market or also known as Pasar Seni Ubud pleases visitor’s artistic sense with lots of handcrafts good. Not only rattan roundie and woven baskets, but you will also find Bali t-shirts, paintings, ikat woven skirts, statues, and many more. Pasar Seni Ubud is extensive, divided into two areas: traditional art market and daily needs market, so make sure you visit the art market first and let another market the latter option if you still have plenty time.

Sukawati Art Market


The art market is located in the middle of Kuta – Ubud route. It is around 20-minute drive to the south from Ubud. This market has been operating since the 1980s and become one of the destinations offered by many large group tour and travel operators. Indeed, Pasar Seni Sukawati will be very busy during weekends and holiday season.
Handcraft goods here are more or less similar to other art markets. A good reason to visit is the price that is considered the cheapest. In addition, the market is also the meeting point of suppliers and sellers. They usually do the transaction early in the morning, so it is a good time if you are planning to buy in bulk.

Kumbasari Art Market


A part of a relaxing city tour of Denpasar, Kumbasari Art Market is on the right side of the heritage area of Gajah Mada Street. The art market is a four-storey building, with daily traditional market activities happening in the morning and evening. The art section itself opens from 8am to 5pm. Exploring all sections, around 200 kiosks, can take several hours. Fortunately, each floor is designated for a kind of good, from souvenirs, clothes, paintings, statues to antiques, so you don’t need to explore and get lost if you are short in time. Roundie and rattan bag can be found on the top floor along with all wooden crafts.

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