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Bali Metaverse To Attract More Tourists by Helping Them Discover Experiences Before They Arrive

The Metaverse is not new, but as of April 6, 2022, this new technology now allows the average person to be immersed in high-resolution interactive worlds that travellers in the real world can enter with a simple one-step login to pre-discover what a Bali vacation experience could feel like. It usually takes travellers a number […]

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Galileo Travel Futures: Where Blockchain Meets Real Life

Asia has been the hardest hit by the pandemic, but from the thousands of popular Travel Destinations, Bali has been the hardest hit with 82% of its population relying on tourism. #1 on the Forbes 50 Place to travel to, Bali offers everything to the traveller… super luxury, adventure, cultural immersion, health & wellness, and […]

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