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Take: Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Take, Bali’s premiere Japanese dining destination, is proud to announce its unwavering commitment to showcasing the unparalleled freshness of its culinary offerings. Renowned for its dedication to excellence, Take sets the standard for authentic Japanese cuisine in the heart of Bali. Led by esteemed Chef Kiyomi Okamoto, Take is not just a restaurant but an […]

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Intimate Japanese Cuisine Dining Experience at Kojin Teppanyaki Restaurant

Japanese Cuisine is still one of the favourite menu choices, therefore at this time Kojin – Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant has been named No. 6 The Best Restaurant in Bali by TripAdvisor. Kojin is one of the favourite restaurants owned by Aksari Resort Ubud, a well-known resort which is a member of Ini Vie Hospitality which […]

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