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The development of blockchain technology & the industry is closely related to the adoption of innovation. In recent years, many people in Indonesia have begun studying and investing in blockchain technology. The popularity of blockchain technology has attracted the attention of people in various social circles, such as content creators, tech developers, investors, influencers, and numerous tech startups who are starting to explore and conduct deeper research on blockchain developments.

The sentiment on the blockchain has increased rapidly in the past two years, starting as positive and shifting to negative occasionally as a sign of upcoming movements adopting innovation. This blockchain technology provides new ideas and breakthroughs that have a substantial impact on people’s perspectives, as very volatile movements in the market influence people to conduct trading activities in the hope of making profits in the short run. Therefore, many people are trapped in trading without sufficient knowledge and understanding of both the technical and fundamental skills or knowledge.

One of the developments of blockchain technology is that it provides opportunities for the same industry activists to establish considerable-sized communities and Utopia NFT Club is one of the founding communities that consisted of several people interested in exploring the development of NFTs. Now Utopia NFT Club is active in building connections, education and opportunities for people who want to learn about blockchain technology.

For this reason, Utopia NFT Club is collaborating with Ideafest to develop a facility for people who want to learn more about blockchain developments, future opportunities and connect with experienced and knowledgeable figures associated with blockchain technology.

Ideafest is the biggest creative festival in Indonesia which has consistently been held annually since its establishment in 2011 and was halted due to the pandemic. Ideafest is a stage that is often filled with countless introductions to the latest innovations on this earth. The success that Ideafest has reached is also expressed by the compiled data where the total number of visitors exceeded 123,000 and 1,500 speakers were in attendance.

After being halted due to the pandemic, this year’s Ideafest carries the theme “Reality Re:defined”, presenting several changes in perspective that have arisen as a result of COVID-19 hitting the world. Hopefully, the return of Ideafest’s offline format after several previous iterations that were presented online brings new passion into Indonesia’s creative space. Indisputable evidence of this comes in the form of various renowned figures such as Takashi Murakami, Cinta Laura, Hamish Daud, Maudy Ayunda and Manoj Punjabi in attendance.

The development of the blockchain world in Indonesia has grown rapidly in the last 2-3 years with the number of registered investors reaching 16.1 million, far exceeding the number of stock market investors which only reaches 9.5 million. Unfortunately, most Indonesian crypto market investors are still hesitant and consider crypto only as a tradeable commodity rather than recognizing the immense potential of blockchain technology.

Utopia Blok:verse is the collaborative project between Utopia NFT Club’s and Ideafest aiming to introduce and educate a far-reaching audience about blockchain technology. Through Utopia Blok:verse, which will be held at the Jakarta Convention Center on 26 November 2022, visitors will be introduced to various types of blockchain technology in a comprehensive manner. Utopia Blok:verse 2022 targets around 1,000 to 2,000 participants to attend and party together in the first blockchain (web3) festival series of events in Indonesia.

Project Lead Utopia Blok:verse, Gantar Surapati, said that through the Utopia NFT Club collaboration with Ideafest anyone can join and further learn how to recognize the potential future of blockchain. This is in line with the event’s aim of having a positive impact on both the social and economic space in Indonesia.

In connection with this collaboration, Gantar believes that blockchain technology is still currently in its early stages and the importance of a vessel that can provide coherent information is one of the solutions to accelerate the process of adopting blockchain technology in a timely and measurable manner.

In regards to what was imparted by Gantar, the Advisor from Utopia NFT Club who is also the CEO of Mahameru Vokasi Indonesia, Andhika Diskartes believes that the majority of people who are currently interested in exploring the blockchain must have adequate analytical skills. This analytical ability will provide knowledge on future investments, especially in blockchain technology. Through this collaboration, Andhika Diskartes said that: “it is quite difficult to connect with other blockchain activists out there, through this collaboration Ideafest & Utopia NFT Club wants to provide an opportunity to be able to become a gathering place for people who are already interested in being involved in the blockchain world.”

Through Utopia Blok:verse, visitors will be directly connected with figures who are well-versed and experienced in the development of blockchain technology. This event will involve many activities that aim to jointly provide education regarding blockchain and connect with one another. Visitors will get the experience of participating in a game called “scavenger hunt” using POAP technology, this game is part of the educational process implemented by the Utopia Blok:verse team so visitors can immediately dive into the uniqueness of the web3 or blockchain world.

Utopia Blok:verse wants to provide opportunities to learn and connect directly through this collaboration at an affordable cost for everyone, this is part of the goal to explore and study the developments of blockchain technology together. In addition to the unique experience that will be obtained when visiting, visitors have the opportunity to win various prizes from well-known NFTs, Ledgers and even trips to local tourist destinations in Indonesia

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