Traditional Balinese Beverage Made from Exotic Herbs Launches in Ubud
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Traditional Balinese Beverage Made from Exotic Herbs Launches in Ubud

Ubud is about to welcome a captivating addition to its rich cultural and culinary tapestry with the launch of a traditional Balinese beverage crafted from an array of exotic herbs. This long-cherished local drink is set to take residents and visitors on a delightful journey through the heart of Balinese culture and flavors.

Ubud has always been a hotspot for travelers in search of authentic experiences. And now, a group of dedicated individuals passionate about preserving and celebrating Balinese traditions is bringing a unique aspect of Balinese culture to the forefront.

Bringing the concept of Bali’s ancient philosophy, Tri Samaya; Atita, which means the past, Wiratama the present; and Nagata, the future, The newly introduced “Wanna Luwih Healthy Bar”, created for those who seek ancient healthy and healing drinks. The secret recipes are passed down through generations, combining rare Balinese herbs, fresh local ingredients, and a deep-rooted sense of community. This enchanting elixir is prepared with meticulous care to maintain its traditional authenticity.

At Wanna Luwih Healthy Bar, all beverages encapsulate the essence of Bali’s unique herbal heritage. Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure a harmonious balance of flavors and a celebration of the island’s diverse flora. Loloh Cemcem is one of the signature traditional beverages from Bali, especially from Penglipuran Village. Cemcem leaf, the primary commodity Penglipuran Village produces, is processed into fresh drinks that benefit our health and the locals.

Ubud’s locals and visitors can now relish the opportunity to enjoy traditional Balinese beverages full of herbs and benefits at the newly opened Wanna Luwih Healthy Bar, an enchanting establishment nestled amidst a luxury The Kayon Jungle Resort. The Bar is a haven of tranquility where patrons can savor this unique beverage, engage, and relax while enjoying the most iconic 3 tiers pool Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar.

“Wanna Luwih Healthy Bar is more than a bar; it’s a celebration of our Balinese heritage, a tribute to the beautiful herbs that grow on this island, and a way to connect with the heart of Bali. We’re excited to welcome everyone to our bar to share in this rich cultural experience,” says Mr. I Made Darmayasa, F&B Manager at The Kayon Jungle Resort.

Wanna Luwih Healthy Bar is ready to enjoy for 1 November 2023 at The Kayon Jungle Resort, the bar that promises to be a sensory celebration of Balinese culture. Get a 20% discount from 1 to 7 November 2023 for your abundance of healthy Balinese herbs beverages..

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