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NAKULA, Bali’s leading luxury villa and management company, is excited to announce the addition of Villa Christie in Seminyak to their growing portfolio of managed villa on this Bali Island.

The Villa

Nestled in the stylish of Seminyak and just a few minutes away from the central, this beautifully serene five-bedroom villa promises to be your ideal getaway on the Island. Villa Christie boasts tropical charm with its modern contemporary design, making it the idyllic home-away-from-home. The spacious garden area intertwines perfectly with the immense living area and intimate pool making it the perfect space for sunbathing, outdoor yoga or private gathering.


Villa Christie, has professional, friendly, and dedicated staff ready to take great care of you during your stay in Bali. The staff can cook delicious meals, arrange day trips and massage therapists for you, all upon request and on additional charge.

The Bedrooms

Villa Christie offers a total of five spacious ensuite bathrooms, All rooms are made comfortable that perfect for a quick afternoon nap and good night’s rest. Equipped with air-conditioning, walk-in closet, built-in wardrobe, and safety deposit box to keep your belongings protected and wellplaced. The bathrooms featuring double vanity sinks and indoor rain showers.

The Outdoor Areas

Spacious outdoor area intertwines perfectly with the scenery of a 12-m swimming pool is a real treat to the eye. The invigorating garden area of Villa Christie exudes easy and relaxed tropical ambience with the L-shaped swimming pool as its centrepiece. The lush foliage wraps around the entire villa’s outside wall, bringing nature into all indoor living spaces and finishing in a charming herb garden. This beautifully designed with thatched balé (gazebo) and relaxing sun loungers and sofas are available the whole day of your stay, and there is luscious green grass and some tropical plants in the backyard waiting for you!

The Indoor Areas

The opulent living room exemplifies modern luxury at its finest, with a dining area linking to the living space- yet still spacious and making every person feel connected. Elegant furniture works nicely with eye-catching accessories. Warmth and comfort are emitted by neutral to bright wall colors. The modern kitchen is fully equipped with ample countertop space. Overlooking the outdoor pool area, you can unwind yourself on the comfy couch in front of the tv, having the most intimate quality time with your companions.

Villa Christie: Jalan Bidadari No. 68, Seminyak, Kab. Badung, Bali
Prices: Starts from USD367 ++ / per night

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