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Climate change is not only influencing how travelers get around. It is also impacting where they visit, the accommodations they choose and the activities that fill their itineraries. Travel and tourism have been a growing market for many years, contributing to job creation and economic development around the world. But as this market grows, the impact of climate change grows with it.

With the post-pandemic inbound tourism bouncing back since the second quarter of 2022 and destinations already reopened, the travel industry has an opportunity to become greener, more sustainable and inclusive in the long term. Not only is this a better choice for the environment, but a key way to serve travelers’ growing demands for sustainability.

Realizing such facts, the Act Local Impact Global (ALIG) announces its sixth forum, a Restart on the back of five successful forums, designed to educate, nurture, share and shape new eco-sustainable human behaviour that will contribute towards building a sustainable future.

The mission of the ALIG forum is to gather all stakeholders and leaders from the travel, tourism, hospitality and creative economy sectors in Indonesia, to bring awareness to reduce its reliance on plastics and other harmful waste, and share positive environmental change.

Coming together as a catalyst for change, ALIG was established on 31 August 2018 to make a shared and collaborative commitment to Mother Earth and to each other.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a pause to ALIG, and now they are ready to restart their community forum to include the important creative economy sector by bringing together a small ‘working group’ to continue to drive and shape the ALIG morning forums in Bali and Jakarta for all stakeholders and leaders in the travel, tourism, hospitality and creative economy sectors. ALIG also wants to reignite and build on the foundation which was built over the first two years.

The morning forums are led by inspirational change-makers – to share, connect and form collaborations – to ultimately contribute to shifting human behaviour in the tourism and hospitality sector to improve best practices in becoming more sustainable and inclusive to enable positive environmental impact.

The ALIG forum will be taking place in Banjar Cemenggaon, Celuk, Sukawati on Thursday 27th October 2022. Some inspirational speakers from Bali Hotel Association, EcoHero, Plastic Exchange, Eco Bali, Bye Bye Plastic Bag Bali, Youthtopia, NIU, and Purpose will share their positive environmental initiatives during this forum.

Robert Ian Bonnick, Committee Lead of Act Local Impact Global said, “We have an opportunity to place sustainability, social impact and the practical steps to achieve it in the forefront of people’s minds.”

Together we share, bring awareness and contribute to shaping positive human behaviours that impact our planet and people in a sustainable way for the good of the next generation. This is a collaborative commitment and action to our home, Mother Earth and to each other.

About Act Local Impact Global Forum

Act Local Impact Global was first established on 31 August 2018, to bring awareness in Indonesia & Asia to a new global commitment made by stakeholders of the travel, tourism and creative industry to reduce their reliance on plastic and other harmful waste. The first forum response and subsequent forums have had such an incredible interest to share, embracing new and needed human behaviours, and making commitments for positive change, that the ALIG has been asked to expand the forum platform around Asia from 2019.

For more information, please contact:

Intan Westlake

+62 821 106 11127

Act Local Impact Global Partner

Joannes Rhino

Founder of Bali News

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