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A COMMUNITY FORUM OF POSITIVE ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE FOR THE TRAVEL, HOSPITALITY & TOURISM INDUSTRY IN INDONESIA – RESTART Climate change is not only influencing how travelers get around. It is also impacting where they visit, the accommodations they choose and the activities that fill their itineraries. Travel and tourism have been a growing market for […]

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Balinese Hindu Culture

In compared to the rest of Indonesia, in Bali, you will experience a completely different culture; the Balinese Hindu culture. When you travel, it is respectful to learn about the culture in question. Here, we briefly explain what this Balinese culture means, what the religion is, and what the manners are. Religion Most of the […]

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Understanding Calon Arang and the Culture of Bali

It’s hard to understand the Calon Arang story’s tradition in Bali. It is closely tied to the local community’s cultural, religious, artistic, and oral traditions. As an oral tradition, the narrative inspired the Bali Arts Festival in 1997, which featured a variety of performing arts based on the story’s morals. The first draft of Calon […]

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