Dapur Bali Mula, A Traditional Seafood Dish At The Kayon Jungle Resort
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Dapur Bali Mula, A Traditional Seafood Dish At The Kayon Jungle Resort

Bali has long been famous for its nature, arts, and various culinary specialties with herbs and spices. Every region, from rural areas to cities, has a culinary diversity. Like Les Tejakula Village, in Buleleng, Bali. Apart from being rich and quite famous for its natural salt production, Les Village has recently begun to have other attractions from a culinary perspective.

Dapur Bali Mula is a culinary tour offering a dining experience of traditional Balinese Pawon in the past. Founded by Jro Mangku Gede Yudiawan, who is also the chef at Dapur Bali Mula, Dapur Bali Mula has a kitchen concept that serves traditional menus typical of North Bali seafood. Apart from that, the establishment of Dapur Bali Mula cannot be separated from Chef Yudi’s desire to highlight the potential in Les Village, especially in the culinary field.

“I dream of introducing the potential of my village, Les Village, Tejakula. Apart from the fact that I like traditional and cultural things, I also like cooking and have worked as a chef. So I think Dapur Bali Mula is a very appropriate medium,” – Said Chef Jro Mangku Yudi, Dapur Bali Mula.

Carrying the same theme as Dapur Bali Mula, Kepitu Restaurant, The Kayon Jungle Resort invites Chef Yudi and his colleagues to pamper guests with typical Les Village seafood dishes. The collaboration that emerged was packaged as a buffet dinner. The menu served is varied and traditional, starting from Timbungan be pasih (Timbungan fish), Lawar tabia bun (Lawar with chili vine leaves), Grilled Shrimp, Balinese Bumbu Squid, Be Pasih Mekuah (sea fish with Balinese spice sauce, and finally closed with a drink Daluman specialty made from green grass jelly leaves.

The Bali Mula Buffet was presented to entertain guests staying at the resort and guests who made reservations for this event. For IDR 400,000++/person, guests can enjoy this traditional dinner accompanied by typical Balinese dance performances.

“As a restaurant with a “cultural dish” concept, we are happy to present a variety of Balinese culinary delights at Kepitu Restaurant and to become a monthly event at The Kayon Jungle Resort, collaborating with multitalented chefs.

“Collaborating with Dapur Bali Mula and Chef Jro Mangku Yudi is a dream come true because we have a dream of providing a special culinary experience to guests and also introducing the culinary riches of Les Village to more food lovers,” – Said Bapak, I Made Darmayasa – FB Manager, The Kayon Jungle Resort.


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