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Festive Season with Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel

The festive season is coming and Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel is ready to roll out special programs, packages and amenities to keep our guests entertain while they enjoy the spirit of the Festive season and prepare to welcome the New Year. Discover all the magical experiences our team has prepared. The celebration begins with a […]

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Getting to Know the Pawintenan

The pawintenan is a purification ritual performed by Nabe, namely Sulinggih Dwijati or a holy person with the authority to do so. He gained authorization from Nabe Sulinggih based on his strong spiritual ability (jnyana), the period of mediksa, and other considerations.  The word mawinten is made up of two Kawi words: mawa and inten. […]

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Understanding Bali Culture in Cock Fighting

Animal fights take place all over the world. Unlike bullfights in Spain, we have cocks fighting in Bali. If you see a gathering of a large group of males in Bali, there is a good chance that one is being held. The cocks are prepared by their owners for the fight. When the battle starts, […]

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